Shofu to feature three innovative products at Chicago Midwinter Meeting


A hybrid ceramic restorative, direct resin composite and universal bur holder will all be introduced at the meeting.

Shofu has announced that debut of three innovative products at this year’s Chicago Midwinter Meeting: the HC Block/Disk, Beautifil II Gingiva-colored Direct Resin Composites and BurButler Abrasive Kits.

HC Blocks/Disks: Novel Ceramic Material for CAD/CAM Restorations

HC Block/Disk is a new hybrid ceramic restorative material with excellent physical and mechanical attributes. Available in multiple shades and translucencies, the optical properties of HC Blocks/Disks resemble the translucency and fluorescence of natural teeth, permitting the material to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding tissue. The proprietary micro-architecture of HC Blocks/Disks supports high wear resistance allowing for broad applications (inlays/onlays, anterior/posterior full crowns, bridges and laminate veneers) and faster milling.

Beautifil II Gingiva-colored Direct Resin Composites

Beautifil II Gingiva direct resin composites provide general practitioners with the means to optically improve gingival aesthetics in the operatory, reducing the time and cost of a treatment. Five gingival shades of Beautifil II, gingiva dark pink, gingiva light pink, gingiva orange, gingiva brown and gingiva violet can be coalesced to custom shade-match any type of soft-tissue topography.

Using appropriate instruments, an adhesive technique and adequate moisture-control and curing devices, the material can be predictably bonded to dentin, enamel, ceramics and metal substrates. Optimal viscosity of Beautifil II Gingiva facilitates simplified modeling with standard shaping tools or freehand modeling for a more creative approach. A complete restoration can be finished and polished with award-winning Super-Snap X-Treme disks to achieve life-like results.

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BurButler Abrasive Kits: Award-winning Abrasives in a Universal Bur Holder

The development of a universal bur holder, the BurButler, simplifies the storage and management of rotary instruments. This innovative bur block is designed to hold abrasives of various shank sizes, CA, FG, HP and short shanks, in one base which is made of resilient, medical-grade silicone, paired with an autoclavable plastic lid.

The BurButler comes in three base configurations, 5-, 10- and 25-hole, and five assorted colors for intuitive coding and identification. The 25-hole BurButler can be complemented by either a short or a tall lid for storage of other small items such as implant components or perio irrigation tips. The BurButler has now been incorporated into several of Shofu’s most popular abrasive kits, including the Composite Finishing Kit, Composite Polishing Kit, Ceramiste Polishing Kit and Metal Polishing Kit, available in CA and/or FG shanks.

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