Shofu Dental Corporation introduces Beautifil Flow Plus X

The material is said to demonstrate excellent flexural and compressive strength and maintain exceptional color stability before and after curing.

During the 2018 ADA Annual Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, Shofu Dental Corporation, a leading manufacturer of award-winning dental materials and equipment, announced the introduction of Beautifil Flow Plus X, a new bioactive hybrid composite with patented nano-S-PRG filler particles.

The latest injectable hybrid restorative in the Beautifil product line, Beautifil Flow Plus X reportedly demonstrates excellent flexural and compressive strength, maintains exceptional color stability before and after curing, and contains bioactive Giomer technology - the release and recharge of six beneficial ions. These bioactive ions are said to inhibit plaque formation, minimize hypersensitivity, neutralize acid, and release and recharge fluoride.

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The newly developed patented nano S-PRG filler particles reportedly provide Beautifil Flow Plus X with enhanced mechanical properties and effortless polishing that produces a sustainable high-gloss finish. The improved thin-walled needle tip is designed to dispense the material without sticking or oozing at the end of delivery, making precise direct restorations an ease.

Intended for direct anterior and posterior restorations, Classes I–V, Beautifil Flow Plus X is available in two viscosities. With excellent shape retention, F00 (zero flow) is said to accurately restore occlusal morphology without slumping, while F03 (low flow) is engineered to thoroughly wet the cavity walls and offer superior adaption. Beautifil Flow Plus X reportedly has outstanding versatility with natural shade reproduction that can be achieved by the chameleon effect, and the material is said to blend seamlessly with the surrounding tissue.

The material is available in 2.2g syringes in two viscosities, F00 (zero flow) and F03 (low flow), in the most common tooth shades as well as opaque dentin, enamel, bleach and effect shades. The shade selection is said to allow for all aesthetic requirements of direct restorations in both multi- and single-layer techniques.

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