Sensodyne Rapid Relief launches in United States

The toothpaste is clinically proven to help beat sensitivity in as little as three days.

GSK Consumer Healthcare announced the nationwide launch of Sensodyne® Rapid Relief, a new clinically proven toothpaste that helps beat sensitivity in as little as three days with twice daily brushing.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief is engineered to beat sensitivity pain fast by quickly creating a protective barrier over the sensitive areas of teeth to keep outside triggers from reaching the nerves.

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“We know that the pain sensitivity sufferers experience can take the joy out of everyday activities like eating and drinking,” says Brenda Maggio, dental hygienist and regional lead of medical affairs and North America oral care scientist at GSK. “We’re excited to introduce Sensodyne Rapid Relief to the U.S. market because it provides fast sensitivity relief we know consumers want.”

Sensitivity pain occurs when the dentin, the softer inner layer of the tooth, becomes exposed, revealing small holes known as tubules. Consuming hot or cold foods and drinks can trigger the nerves inside the teeth when they reach the exposed dentin tubules, resulting in a short, sharp pain. Sensodyne Rapid Relief has a unique formulation with stannous fluoride that's designed to start to form a gel-like scaffold over exposed dental tubules from the first brush to provide fast relief from pain in three days.

“Leveraging our unique understanding of science and consumer needs, always with the dentist in mind, GSK continuously strives to bring new, innovative products to market to make a meaningful impact on oral health. That is why Sensodyne is the No. 1 dentist recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth,” says Laura Saldana, brand manager of Sensodyne. “The innovation behind Sensodyne Rapid Relief yet again proves our category leadership as we expand the Sensodyne portfolio to deliver trusted sensitivity relief fast.”

Part of the Sensodyne portfolio, new SensodyneRapid Relief is available online and at major retail stores nationwide in two flavors: mint and extra fresh. To learn more about how to reduce tooth sensitivity visit