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Pediatric sedation dentistry in a surgery center like Hapy Bear Surgery Center requires more paperwork than a normal dental office because treatment is both dental and medical.

Pediatric sedation dentistry in a surgery center like Hapy Bear Surgery Center requires more paperwork than a normal dental office because treatment is both dental and medical.

Jeremy Pierson, Chief Information Officer for Hapy Bear Surgery Center, started researching ways to better handle the paperwork and become compliant with Electronic Health Records (EHR) requirements stipulated in the Affordable Care Act. After much research he decided to purchase four Plustek MobileOffice AD450 scanners ( Because there was limited space at the front desk and in the consultation and exam rooms, the scanner’s small footprint was one of the primary deciding factors when making the purchase.

The benefits

The Hapy Bear facility now has 100 percent electronic patient records. While most dental/medical offices require rooms of shelving for paper files, they do not.

Before each procedure at Hapy Bear, pediatric patients and their parents are taken to a consultation room where they speak with the dentist and anesthesiologist, ask questions about the procedure, and complete and sign necessary paperwork.

Because a signed copy of all the paperwork must be sent home with the patient/parent, a staff member used to have to run to the photocopier to make a copy for the parent. This wasted time, was very cumbersome, and not very professional. Now with small scanners in each room, identification cards, medical insurance cards, and all paperwork is instantaneously scanned into Hapy Bear’s computer system and handed directly back to the parent.

Plustek’s TWAIN driver was another major selling point. Hapy Bear uses Dentrix, which requires a TWAIN scanner to interface directly into its Document Center. It only requires one click on the computer screen to complete the entire scanning process, eliminating the need for extensive staff training.

“Using the little Plustek scanners has solved several problems for us, including our space issues. We needed a small unit that could fit on a desk and be unobtrusive,” Pierson said. “Quick and simple scanning has also helped us significantly streamline our patient flow, helped us to become fully compliant with EHR requirements, and helps us project the image of the state-of-the-art, top of the line facility that we are.”

Becoming fully EHR compliant was an important step for Hapy Bear Surgery Center. They became eligible for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program providing $21,500 per doctor to help cover the costs of converting to the EHR system. They also are eligible to receive $8,500 per doctor each year for the next five years as they show meaningful use of their EHR system. The Plustek scanners form an integral part of that system.

Putting parents at ease

Parents often feel a lot of anxiety when taking their child to a sedation dental office. Parents want to be assured their child is being treated in a well-run, state-of-the-art facility that meets the highest standards of State and Federal compliance. By using the Plustek MobileOffice AD450 scanners, Hapy Bear surgery continues to provide a smooth and seamless experience to their patients, while assuring the parents the highest standards of care are being met and surpassed.

For more information on Plustek USA and its products, visit or call 714-670-7713, or watch the VIDEO here.



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