Secrets from a successful dentist: Dr. Scott Dickinson

In this installment of our running series on DPM, we talk to Florida's Dr. Scott Dickinson.


Give our readers a brief overview of your practice

We are located in Pace, Fla., in the Florida panhandle not far from Pensacola. Our office has one hygienist, three dental assistants, an office manager, two front desk workers, and a lab technician. We have five operatories with room to expand. In comparison to a traditional private practice, I would say that I see a higher number of patients per day.

What’s the thing you love most about your practice?

We are helping to bring access to care in this area. There’s a high demand in this area and the patient demographics are right for people who need help with their oral health. Access to care is something that Aspen Dental feels very strongly about, as well as figuring out ways to reach out to patients and break down whatever barriers are keeping them from coming into the dental practice. Whether it’s extended hours or accepting insurance, we want to get them into the office, then it’s up to me to break down the emotional barriers of what could’ve been a bad past experience for them.


You’re an Aspen Dental practitioner who offers a money-back guarantee on dentures. Why?

Offering the guarantee is part of reaching out to a patient base who needs access to care. All we are saying is, ‘Give us a try. Let us do our very best for you.’ I feel confident enough in myself and my team that we will provide what the patient needs. I know we may not meet every person’s expectations when it comes to dentures. If we don’t, they are welcome to get their money back and try somewhere else.


Doesn’t something like this put additional pressure on you and your business?

No. Our approach is very systematic. We know the steps that need to be taken to ensure a great experience for our patients. As a clinician, helping a patient with dentures is a conglomeration of skills I began learning when I was in dental school.


So what’s the catch with the guarantee?

There is no catch. Everyone always looks for it, but it isn’t there. We want to help you get the care that you need. It’s about doing what’s right for the patient. Getting dentures is a huge step for anyone. I assure my patients that I will always be there for them. I want them to be comfortable and confident enough to move forward. You can often see the hesitation in a patient but I believe very strongly that if you focus on the patients above everything else, the right things will always happen.