SDI Introduces New Radii-Cal CX Curing Light

The Cal CX is designed with a collimated lens to produce a deeper, more reliable cure.

Australian dental manufacturer and distributor, SDI, has released the newest addition to its RADII curing light line, the Radii-Cal CX. The Cal CX is designed to produce a deeper, more reliable cure.

According to SDI, an uncollimated LED curing light is said to diminish curing energy over the depth of the restoration. The new curing light solves this issue using a collimated beam, which delivers curing uniformity across all curing depths. This is said to ensure a fast and predictable cure for all restorations.

The Radii-Cal CX includes heat sink dissipation technology, which protects the LED from damaging heat. By remaining cool, the light enables ongoing consecutive cures without needing a mandatory cool down. This also prolongs the life of the device.

Its ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes fatigue and maximizes comfort. It weighs just 144g/5.1oz. The Radii-Cal CX is suitable for handling in a pencil or pistol grip, reducing arm fatigue, and the indentation for finger placement also provides ergonomic support when curing upper or lower quadrants.

The unit does not require frequent recharging between uses. When fully charged, it provides 1,200 x 10-second cures, according to SDI. The unit also features a built-in radiometer to confirm its energy output, which is calibrated to the collimated lens.