Scope Launches Scope Squeez Mouthwash Concentrate

Scope’s new mouthwash concentrate allows users to customize their daily routine for a healthier, fresher mouth.

Mouthwash brand Scope has launched a new mouthwash concentrate called Scope Squeez. Users combine water and Scope Squeez to perfectly match their desired level of mouthwash intensity, according to the press release from Scope. It comes in a palm-sized bottle that is said to deliver the same amount of uses as the standard 1ml bottle of regular liquid mouthwash.

Scope Squeez is designed to meet the needs of customers who may not enjoy the intensity of regular mouthwash and are looking for a fresh breath solution without sacrificing their own comfort. This new product allows users to customize their mouthwash experience on-the-go in its small packaging and 2 different flavors–Original Mint and Cool Peppermint. It can be used for up to 4 squeezes a day.

“As a leading mouthwash brand, Scope knows what consumers want out of their mouthwash, and while it’s clear that fresh breath tops the list, they often slip up in making it part of their daily routine,” Senior Director North America Oral Care at Procter & Gamble Luis Restrepo says in the press release. “Today’s shoppers–Gen Z and young Millennials in particular–are calling for personalized products tailored to them, and Scope is answering that call by delivering a breakthrough product: a convenient mouthwash concentrate that allows you to control the strength, and it fits in the palm of your hand. With Scope Squeez, we’re inviting users to find their ‘Scope Zone,’ and unleash a minty-fresh sense of self-expression and confidence to the face the world fearlessly.”