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Sagemax Launches NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 Disc


Sagemax introduces the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc, a new addition to their zirconia portfolio, boasting enhanced composition for superior esthetics and strength.

Sagemax Launches NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 Disc. Image credit: © Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

Sagemax Launches NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 Disc. Image credit: © Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

Dental materials manufacturer Sagemax has unveiled its latest product––the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc. This addition to Sagemax's zirconia portfolio aims to elevate dental restorations with both esthetics and durability with its unique formulation, according to a press release from the company.

Crafted from dental multilayer zirconium oxide, with a cervical composition of 4Y-TZP and an incisal composition of 5Y-TZP, the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc reportedly delivers a natural color and translucency gradient. This, coupled with its flexural strength of 850 MPa in the cervical region and 650 MPa in the incisal region, enables the fabrication of lifelike, monolithic single-tooth and bridge restorations across both anterior and posterior regions.

Moreover, Sagemax has refined the color formulation of the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0, ensuring a seamless match with the Vita A-D shade guide. This reworked color formulation, combined with an improved color and translucency gradient, is said to guarantee restorations that blend with surrounding dentition, per the press release. The NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 is also available in 4 bleach colors.

Sagemax has also broadened the thickness options of the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0, now offering discs in 14, 16, and 20 mm thicknesses. This flexibility enables clinicians to tailor their restorations to the specific needs of each patient.

To learn more about Sagemax or the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0, please visit the website here.

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