The role of the office manager in setting the dental practice's fees

Lisa Marie Spradley, the 2014 Office Manager of the Year, has some words of advice on dental fees and the role of the dental office manager in setting them.

When it comes to setting the fees in the dental practice, the Front Desk Lady has some solid advice for office managers.

Lisa Marie Spradley, also known as the Front Desk Lady and the recipient of the 2014 Office Manager of the Year award from the American Association of Dental Office Managers, says that it’s not enough in today’s economic climate for dental practices to “guess” or “feel” what is the right amount for a fee. They have to know beyond the shadow of a doubt they are charging a fair rate that will not only benefit their patients, but also the practice’s bottom line.

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“You have to have solid data behind your decisions,” Spradley said. “Remember that you’re not just running a dental practice but that you’re running a business. Because of that, you have to know the numbers and you have to know what will keep your dental practice not only competitive, but profitable as well.”

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