Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Introduces 2 Improved Milling Machines


These new and improved wet and dry mills from Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE will offer dental practices and labs better and more efficient production with a wide range of materials.

Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Introduces 2 Improved Milling Machines. Image: © Roland DGA.

Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Introduces 2 Improved Milling Machines. Image: © Roland DGA.

DGSHAPE has announced the launch of 2 brand new milling machines. The DWX-52D Plus dry mill and the DWX-42W Plus wet mill are 2 new digital solutions for dental labs looking to optimize their workflows, according to a press release from the company. The DWX-52D is a 5-axis dry milling machine that features an include disc adapter rack, an optional C-Clamp accessory, a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), a newly engineered spindle, and the included VPanel software. The disc adapter rack and optional C-Clamp accessory are said to offer more efficient material storage while the ATC offers users the specific combination and tool setup they need for manufacturing.

VPanel software connects any DWX Series devices, enabling users to operate mills simultaneously. It also contains Intelligent Tool Control that will automatically replace tools when they’ve reached life expectancy. Also containing the VPanel software is the newly announced DWX-42W Plus wet mill.

This wet mill is said to offer enhanced milling speed, better accuracy, and better quality, according to the press release. Milling tools like the ZGB and ZGB2 tools are available to conquer a wide range of materials consistently. It also comes in a bundle with new MillBox DGSHAPE Edition CAM Software that is designed specifically with wet mills in mind. This CAM software offers a quick mill option, Multiple Job Setup, and other features that dental labs will find appealing.

Users of both mills will be offered free access to DGSHAPE CLOUD performance visualization software, bolstering monitoring, data collection, and inventory management. These digital solutions will be a great benefit for any dental lab, according to Roland DGA Dental Marketing Manager Lisa Aguirre.

“With our next-generation DWX-52D Plus and DWX-42W Plus dental mills, we’ve taken 2 great digital dental solutions and made them even better,” Aguirre says in the press release. “These state-of-the-art dry and wet milling machines feature improvements that enable any size lab or clinic to optimize production, increase quality, and work more effectively with a wider range of materials.”

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