Roland DGA introduces new open architecture in-clinic CAD/CAM solution

The DGSHAPE d-CLINIC offers a new solution to produce in-house restorations.

Roland DGA has announced the launch of DGSHAPE d-CLINIC - a new open architecture CAD/CAM solution that reportedly makes it easy and affordable for dental clinics to produce precision glass ceramic and composite resin restorations in-house.

Featuring DGSHAPE’s DWX-4W wet dental mill, plus MillBox CAM and new CliniCAD design software, the new DGSHAPE d-Clinic solution is reportedly a turnkey package for producing same-day prosthetics, including inlays/onlays, crowns, veneers and more. The open architecture of the DWX-4W and CliniCAD design software allows users to work with today’s most popular scanners and materials.

“The beauty of d-CLINIC is that it provides a platform that works with many open system scanners and popular CAD/CAM materials readily available to clinicians,” said Dwight Blair, Roland DGA’s dental product manager. “It enables dentists and clinicians who create these restorations in-house using their own equipment to maintain their own quality control. Dentists can choose their desired scanning device, while incorporating the hardware and software they need to create in-clinic single restorations easily, quickly and cost-effectively.”

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The DGSHAPE d-CLINIC solution combines the features and capabilities of the DWX-4W with MillBox CAM and CliniCAD design software, taking all the complexity out of 3D design. In addition to offering the freedom and flexibility of open architecture, the DWX-4W enables clinics to mill up to three different pin-type materials at the same time for optimum efficiency, productivity and convenience. The 4-axis DWX-4W also boasts a high-performance Jaeger DentaDrive spindle that operates at speeds of up to 60,000 RPM, a 4-station Automatic Tool Changer that switches out used grinding burs as needed without interruption and other additional features.

Powered by exocad, new CliniCAD software puts what is said to be a wealth of useful tools and resources at the user’s fingertips to make production-ready prosthetic design easier than ever. This feature-filled software lets you import directly from a scanner, access a library of pre-loaded material profiles materials, and design in either “Expert” or “Automatic Single Proposal” modes with an automated process. A software wizard guides the user through all the work steps, and even novices can reportedly generate dental restorations from highly accurate STL, OBJ and PLY files with minimal effort. CliniCAD software offers an optional DentalShare feature that allows you to send files to dental labs for design or milling when you’re short on time or need to produce more complex restorations. DentalShare reportedly also makes it easy for colleagues to share files for review.

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