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Robin the Robot: An innovation transforming dental practices


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We are excited to share coverage of Robin’s journey in pediatric dentistry by Fox 11 Los Angeles. Watch to learn more on how Robin helps pediatric patients and dentists by creating joyful and less stressful environment in the clinics.

Designed for children by scientists, engineers, and pediatric psychologists, Robin is the first of its kind robot used in pediatric dental practices. Robin utilizes peer-to-peer interactions and engages children in various active distraction techniques and physical activities. Robin teaches children coping mechanisms to help reduce their stress and anxiety related to dental procedures. Robin also uses child-friendly terms and visuals to explain dental procedures and prepares children for the actual treatment. All of Robin’s doings have proven to increase the children’s collaboration with the staff, thus ultimately saving them valuable time.

Robin's charming character creates a welcoming atmosphere in every dental practice resulting in a successful patient visit and increasing the likelihood of the patient returning. With the addition of Robin the Robot, dental clinics experience improved customer satisfaction, improved social media presence, an increased number of new customers, and higher retention rates. Our clients see the ROI within the first few months. Robin brings new opportunities to provide exceptional customer service, patient care, and brand differentiation.

Robin makes all the children smile

Robin is a product of a vision to help children overcome medical stress backed with long-term psychological research done by experts in the field.

Robin’s software algorithm allows it to perform a real-time analysis of children’s emotions and respond on spot. Its slick design and cheerful voice appeal to children and instantly gain their trust.

Robin for Dental Clinics

Telepresence Mode

Robin can be controlled by a member of the medical personnel. Any assigned staff member can communicate with children by using the robot’s interface. While in use, Robin collects and analyzes data on the patient’s mood and emotional state.

Human-guided Mode

This mode allows you to gain two benefits at once. Robin will be guided by our team’s U.S. based certified child specialists, who will use their expertise to provide excellent interactive experience. So, your patients get a friendly robot companion and you get a professional child specialist interacting with them.


Matthew Schofield, DDS, MS

Board Certified Orthodontist, Grapevine Kids Dental and Orthodontics

“Robin is changing the way our patients think about seeing the dentist by reducing their anxiety, increasing their excitement, and improving the perception of "going to the dentist" since it's completely focused on patient experience and care.”

Dr. Nick Ghazaryan

Founder & President, ABC Kids Dental Group

“The engagement and interactions of children and staff with Robin the Robot at ABC Kids Dental have been wonderful so far. It is amazing to witness that children even forget that they are in the dental office.”

Dr. Justin Wagner

Pediatric Surgeon, UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

“We initegrate Robin as a member of the team, augmenting our ability to give children contact, attention and companionship.”

Dr. Shant Shekherdimian

Pediatric Surgeon, UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and UCLA Medical Centre

“The ability to provide our pediatric patients with this type of social companionship is very compelling, particularly during this pandemic.”
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