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Roundup: Revolutionizing Dentistry with 3D printing


Rounding up some of the most advanced options available.

It’s no secret that 3D printing is changing the shape of the dental industry. This technology is opening up new possibilities never before imagined for lab technicians and dentists.

The 3D printers currently on the market faciliate the high-speed printing of a number of prosthetic devices, and many feature a smaller footprint to accommodate labs of all sizes. In addition, more chairside 3D printers are being created, which will be a game-changer for patients and dental pratices’ bottom lines. 

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Interested in applying this technology at your lab or office? We’ve rounded up some of the most advanced options available.

Click through the slides to check out the products.


NextDent™ 5100

  • Powered by Figure 4™ technology, NextDent™ 5100 is designed to facilitate high-speed 3D printing for production of dental devices and fixtures.
  • Dental labs and clinics are said to be able to produce dental services up to four times faster than other available solutions while reducing material waste and capital equipment expenditure.
  • The printer is compatible with industry-standard, state-of-the-art intraoral scanning and software solutions, delivering more precise results.

3D Systems
888-598-1438  |  3Dsystems.com

r.Pod® desktop 3D printer

  • The r.Pod® desktop 3D printer is said to be the first thermoplastic filament printer for dental labs, and the only 3D printer optimized for Valplast® partials and appliances.
  • Featuring dual extrusion technology, r.Pod is engineered to print Valplast partials and appliances, study models, custom impression trays and soft tissue gingiva for implant models.
  • The printer is designed to be compatible with digital impressions and desktop scanners.

718-290-9300  |  arfona.com


Vida 3D printer

  • The highly accurate EnvisionTEC Vida 3D printer from Axsys Dental Solutions is said to be the perfect printer for small to mid-sized dental practices.
  • The open architecture desktop printer is designed to be extremely versatile, low cost, easy to maintain and user friendly.
  • Vida is capable of printing dental or orthodontic models, surgical guides, partial frameworks and bite guards.

Axsys Dental Solutions
855-687-7941  |  enhanceyourdentalpractice.com

DFAB 3D printer

  • The DFAB 3D printer is said to be the first ever true chairside 3D printer for dentists and prosthodontists that streamlines workflow and quickly delivers high-precision, color-matched prosthetics.
  • The DFAB’s high speed printing can produce Class IIa restorations in one session without the use of external dental labs, and it guarantees a 20-minute building time for a 5-element bridge.
  • The printer is designed to be easy to use with a guided user interface and ready-to-use cartridges.

DWS Systems
805-702-0882  |  dwssystems.com


EvoDent 3D printing systems

  • EvoDent 3D printers are designed to produce products for more than 10 different dental indications with typical print times of less than one hour.
  • The combination of DLP printing technology and nearly 20 years of proven 3D printing experience is said to create a highly reliable and versatile 3D printer.
  • An open material platform gives users the option and flexibility to print with qualified third-party materials.

770-881-8299  |  evodent3d.com

Form 2

  • The Form 2 3D printer brings the power of stereolithography 3D printing to dental professionals and is said to produce cost-efficient, high-quality biocompatible dental appliances.
  • The printing system is designed to work with open architecture CAD/CAM systems and is ready to produce dental models, surgical guides, splints and retainers.
  • The Form 2’s speed, precision and compact footprint are said to make it perfect for dental offices and labs.

617-702-8476  |  formlabs.com


cara Print 4.0

  • cara Print 4.0 is a 3D-DLP printer that’s engineered to produce monochrome dental appliances, layer by layer, using a high-quality photopolymer.
  • Thanks to a user-friendly interface, both beginners and those experienced in CAD/CAM can benefit from the production speed of this 3D printer.
  • With most indications printing in one hour or less, cara Print 4.0 is said to be the ideal solution for all dental restorations.

800-431-1785  |  kulzerus.com

Planmeca Creo™ C5

  • Targeted for one-visit dentistry, Planmeca Creo C5 is said to be one of the fastest 3D printers on the dental market, with print speeds of approximately eight to nine minutes for a surgical guide or a dental model and less than 10 minutes for a temporary crown.
  • The 3D printer allows in-office printing of dental models, surgical guides and temporary prosthetics.
  • Slated to be available in the third quarter.

630-529-2300  |  planmecausa.com


Stratasys® Objet30 Dental Prime™

  • With the Objet30 Dental Prime™, lab techs and dentists can implement professional-grade 3D printing on a desktop system.
  • The 3D printer is designed to allow users to expand a lab’s capabilities with the ability to print crown and bridge models, RPD patterns, diagnostic wax-ups and surgical guides.
  • Stratasys printers are engineered to provide a faster overall throughput and require less labor, post-processing and handling.

800-801-6491  |  stratasys.com

Straumann® CARES® P series 3D Printer

  • This fast and reliable new 3D printing technology is said to be able to produce a surgical guide in as little as 16 minutes, and it changes materials in less than 30 seconds.
  • The printer sets the bar in connectivity with certified open systems and multiple applications in one unit.
  • Slated for full market release in September.

Straumann USA
800-448-8168  |  straumann.us



  • Built using Structo’s proprietary Mask Sterolithography (MSLA) technology, the DentaForm is designed for high throughput, round-the-clock production in large dental labs.
  • With a large build platform, the system is engineered to be able to print up to 10 models in 30 minutes, a throughput that’s said to be unmatched in the industry for its price category.
  • DentaForm is designed to meet the demands of any large dental lab with high production value.

+65 6514 7332  |  structo3d.com

Asiga MAX

  • The Asiga MAX is said to be the world’s most advanced digital dental 3D printer, offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint.
  • With 62µm HD print precision, the MAX is optimized for orthodontics, crown and bridge, surgical guides, dental models, custom trays and partial denture frameworks.
  • The MAX is open to materials from any supplier, and material changeover is designed to be completed in under 30 seconds.

Whip Mix
800-626-5651   |  whipmix.com


SolFlex 650, 350 and 170

  • The SolFlex series of industrial-grade 3D printers offers new, innovative features that help make the use of 3D printers within the dental lab easier and more efficient while ensuring higher process reliability.
  • Indicated to print a full range of models, splints, surgical guides and other orthodontic pieces.
  • The SolFlex printers’ unique innovations include FlexVAT technology, Pixel Stitch Technology and Sensor Monitored Production Technology.

888-658-2584  |  vocoamerica.com

Carima DLP 3D printers

  • With the highly accurate IM96 V2 DLP 3D printer, large format desktop TM200 DLP 3D printer and in-house developed DLP slicing software “Carima slicer”
  • Carima has been providing powerful and accessible fabrication tools into the creative hands of professionals around the world.
  • Carima has developed and designed various lines of DLP 3D printers and user-friendly 3D slicing software for more than 19 years in South Korea.

Carima Co., Ltd.
82-70-4044-3760  |  carima.com

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