Revolutionary digital 'Denture Clinic in a Box' now available from Ivory Digital Denture

New digital workflow system allows denturists to provide patients with custom dentures in within a single visit.

Described as “disruptive” and “revolutionary” by leading denturist professionals across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, Ivory Digital is said to be the only 3D digital denture system in the world that allows denturists to design, produce and fit full and partial dentures in a single patient visit.

With full patient participation in the design stage, denturists can now reportedly provide a full range of denture design and precision-fitting prostheses to patients in as little as three hours.

“The traditional process of designing, fabricating and fitting typically requires five to eight appointments, over several weeks. The dentures are transferred back and forth between the clinic and the laboratory for each stage,” says Ivory Digital Denture developer Shlomo Sharer, a practicing denturist in the Greater Toronto area for more than 20 years.

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Sharer further explains that both traditional and other emerging 3D denture-fitting processes include only nominal patient engagement in the design process, whereas the Ivory Digital process is fundamentally focused on patient engagement. This gives patients a sense of ownership of their own designed smile and leads to much improved case acceptance and patient satisfaction.

“What’s more, with 3D printing, the fit of the dentures is so accurate that we achieve denture stability and suction to a degree rarely if ever experienced with the oldprocessing technology," Sharer says. "We can even achieve suction on lower dentures in virtually every case without any special treatment, a welcome development for many experienced denture wearers."

With Ivory Digital, the denturist can provide his or her patient with a complete set of dentures, on site, in a single appointment, without the digital image files needing to be sent to an outside lab for the dentures to be manufactured.

Ivory Digital uses a clean and safe process that requires none of the outside laboratory work that has been an element of the denture-making process for the better part of a century. The system uses biocompatible stereolithography (SLA) UV-curing resins that have been approved for intraoral use by Health Canada and by the FDA in the United States.

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