Reviews of Microcopy's NeoBurr are in


A look at some of the reviews from Microcopy's NeoBurr.

In 2016, Microcopy released the new blended neck™ NeoBurr 5572. Now available on the 5572 and other select shapes, the patent-pending blended neck was developed because other burs on the market were breaking frequently and causing interruptions in what should be smooth dental procedures. Microcopy wanted to change that. 

Since the product release, NeoBurr has been tested and evaluated by numerous publications and labs. People wanted to find out how the blended neck burs really performed. 

Read more: Microcopy introduces new carbide bur

After extensive evaluation, the NeoBurr 5572 has been recognized as Best Product 2017 by the Dental Product Shopper, Preferred Product 2017 by the Dental Advisor, selected as a 2016 Top 100 Product by Dentistry Today, and finally, NeoBurr 330 was ranked #3 in the Top Carbides 2017 by Clinician's Report. All of the NeoBurr evaluations came back with excellent results.

Doctors are more concerned about dangerous, breaking burs than they let on. Since the release of the blended neck carbides, we have heard from many doctors pleased about making the switch to NeoBurr.

"Testing has shown that the new 5572 exhibits minimal breakage when used during the toughest restoration procedures,” said Paul Tucker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Microcopy, “If you're skeptical about the added strength the NeoBurr line offers, you owe it to yourself to try NeoBurr today.”

Visit or call 800-235-1863 to request a product sample or for more information.

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