A review of Visalys® Core from Kettenbach


Catapult reviews this dual-curing core build-up material with Active-Connect-Technology that ensures a reliable bond with all common adhesives.

Dentists have been using a variety of core build-up materials for decades. From alloys, glass ionomers to composites, there has been a long history in this product category.

Today, there is no question that there are many excellent core build-up materials in the dental marketplace and the question to The Catapult Group, was whether this new entry was worthy in this product category. The group itself responded that Visalys® Core was a “home run” with a 95 percent overall approval rating! So, the question why?

To begin with the material offers a key differentiator from most core build-ups on the market, it can be used with all the popularly used bonding agents. OK, so yes, it is a Bisphenol A free, fluoride-containing (not sure what his really does), dual-cure composite core material supplied in an auto-mix delivery system but what’s unique about Visalys® Core is the incorporation of Active-Connect-Technology (ACT), which enables this material to fully polymerize and actively bond to all popular adhesives, without the need for an additional activator. The advantage to dentists is that it allows them to use their bonding agent of choice with no fears of delayed de-bonding. 

So what does this mean? According to my mentor, Douglas Brown, it is a chemistry that allows the self-cure reaction of the core material regardless of the bonding agent. Visalys®Core is thus not adversely affected by different acidities from the various bonding agents (11 different bonding agents were used by evaluators) and this equates to the fact that you don’t require additional activators, added costs and different protocols. Per Doug, acid inhibits normal core materials from self-curing and thus requires co-initiators for chemical curing. So, the bottom line, if you are using any type of a bonding agent that requires an activator for dual-cure and or self-curing to occur, it’s not necessary. Enjoy the freedom of Visalys®Core.

Is that enough to make it a “must buy”? Not really in my eyes. It’s great to have this incorporated into the chemistry but truth be told, it could have the greatest chemistry and physical properties but I really need excellent handling. 

The majority of evaluators found the following characteristics as they relate to handling:

• The material is easily stacked without slumping: 78%

• The material can be easily manipulated: 72%

• The material flows easily within itself: 94%

• The material easily adapts to posts and dentin undercuts without manipulation: 83%

• The material flows void free: 89%

• The material cuts like dentin: 83%

• The viscosity results in ease of extrusion: 100% approval

In our clinical world, you want a core build-up product that you can inject into post preparation without voids, allow post placement and equally, allow you to place the material around the post as the core without slumping. This material does that effortlessly. It’s not too runny or too firm, it’s “just right”! The case report that follows shows exactly that, great handling coupled with Active-Connect-Technology.

With that all said, per the DFU’s if you want to wait for the full self-cure, it will take five minutes. The Catapult Group would like it faster, but hey, who wouldn’t! It does not come in blue yet, but currently in a white opaque and a dentin shade. Yes, it’s radiopaque, and has high flexural strength, comes in both 5 ml double syringe and 25 ml cartridges, but another beauty of the material, it really cuts like dentin. 

The case presented involves a patient who required a failing root canal to be retreated or have the tooth removed and an implant placed. The patient elected to have the root canal retreated and afterwards required a post or posts to be placed for retention of the core buildup. In this particular tooth, the canal was oval and I elected to utilize two posts from BISCO’s D.T. Light Post System.

The above case demonstrates the uniqueness of incorporating Active-Connect-Technology within Visalys® Core to work with your preferred bonding agent. The excellent handling only makes the process so much easier and thus Visalys®Core earns the “Catapult Vote of Confidence.” 

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