A review of the Bein-Air Tornado Handpiece


One practitioner describes his experience with the handpiece.

After nearly 35 years as a dentist, Dr. Gary Nelson has had the opportunity to try out a variety of different handpieces-but nothing as impressive as the Tornado handpiece from Bien-Air.

Here’s why he loves this air-driven handpiece, and the benefits it’s brought to his practice. 

Why did you decide to try the Tornado handpiece? 

The salesman stopped by the practice and gave me the opportunity to try it for a week with no expectations to purchase. If I didn’t like it, I could just send it back. I knew the handpiece was high-quality and made with Swiss engineering, so I said why not? After trying it, I thought wow, this is the best handpiece I’ve ever used in my 34 years of working as a dentist. This handpiece is really a step above.

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What do you like most about the Tornado? 

First, the intensity of the light enables me to see every detail in the tooth. The smoothness of the cutting, the torque, the precision and the lack of vibration is better than anything I’ve ever seen. It also has a sleek look and an ergonomic design that’s as comfortable as any handpiece I’ve ever used.

What are the main benefits for your practice?

Anything that’s as smooth as this handpiece is when preparing teeth for a restoration is going to save time, and it’s going to be less physically draining on the dentist. It’s a very powerful handpiece that quickly removes tooth structure, which means there’s less pressure needed on my side to prep teeth. It reduces my fatigue at the end of the day because it’s so smooth and easy to handle.

The noise level is less than my other handpieces. My patients don’t ever comment about this handpiece being irritating to their ears while I’m working on them.  

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Are there any other patient benefits?

If I can see better than I’ve ever been able to see before because of the quality of the light, then my patients are going to get a better restoration. And they won’t be in the chair as long because the procedure will be accomplished more quickly. 

I also think the smoothness and power of the handpiece decreases irritation in the nerve, making the experience more pleasant for patients. They seem to feel less sensitivity because the handpiece preps so precisely and so accurately.

Why would you encourage other dentists to try the Tornado handpiece?

It allows dentists to do better restorative density and patients appreciate us using the best technology available. I’ve been in dentistry 34 years and I’ve tried an awful lot of handpieces. I would say this air-driven handpiece comes the closest to having the power and torque of an electric than anything I’ve ever used before. 

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