A review of Aquasil Ultra+ from Dentsply Sirona


How using Aquasil Ultra+ from Dentsply Sirona helped one practice.

Dr. Brent Moses had been using Aquasil Ultra from Dentsply Sirona for about a year and a half when his local rep convinced him to try the latest enhanced version, Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material.

He was happy with the Ultra but liked the idea of the quicker setting time Aquasil Ultra+ offered. He’s been using the impression material for about three months now and so far is thrilled with the results.  

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What Dr. Moses says about Aquasil Ultra+ 

I like the fact that it sets up in two and a half minutes as opposed to three. That extra 30 seconds makes a huge difference to a lot of patients. I’ve always been impressed with the material’s tear strength and hydrophilicity, but I noticed even that was improved with the Plus. 

I get predictable results with Aquasil Ultra+ every time. The material gives me really crisp margins and really defined impressions that I can feel confident sending to my dental lab. I know I’m going to get really good results from it. 

The decreased amount of time the impression material is in the mouth is a really big benefit for patients. It has almost a minty kind of smell and flavor to it, which is more pleasant than other materials on the market. I would also say the fact patients get to hear me celebrate and brag about what a beautiful impression I just took instills a lot of confidence in the procedure we just did and the procedure to come, which is the delivery of the crown. They leave the office knowing I was thrilled about the work I just did in their mouth, making them more confident in the process. 

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The accuracy the material provides is huge. Any time we get an accurate impression it leads to better results for the patient, and accuracy is spot on with this impression material.  It’s easy to use, comfortable for the patient, takes less time to set than other materials and provides the necessary accuracy. The material also saves dentists the headache of wondering if they captured everything accurately enough for the lab tech. With this material, you can be confident it’s going to be right on delivery day. 

My assistants also like working with the material. They like that it always seems to provide an accurate impression and that, with the Digit® Targeted Delivery System, there’s usually no wasted material. 

I’m always telling other dentists about this impression material. It really is an easy material to work with, and the learning curve is super quick. You just have to make sure to work within the time it gives you. A regular set version is available for longer cases or if you want to take more time working on your smaller cases. Both provide accuracy and tear strength. It’s a great material and I’ve been very pleased with it. 

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