Renfert's new polishing set is designed for ceramics

Renfert has debuted a new polishing set that features three different polishes, each designed for a different ceramic material including zirconia and lithium discilicate.

Renfert has introduced a new polishing set specifically designed for the polishing of ceramic materials. The set features two diamond polishing pastes for zirconium oxide and lithium-disilicate, as well as one All-in-one Polishing Paste for bonding ceramic, hybrid ceramic or high performance acrylics.

Renfert has developed these polishes to be efficient high-gloss polishing pastes that are perfectly suitable to the specific purpose, since the grit size and amount of diamond particles in all three new Renfert Polish polishing pastes are precisely coordinated to the respective materials.

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The small amount of binder in the polish ensures there is no smearing. This means that assessment of the glaze level is also always possible without intermediate cleaning. A quick high-luster result with very little usage reportedly is possible due to the high abrasion performance, particularly with very hard materials such as zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate.

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