Renfert unveils new professional wax set

Renfert has introduced a new professional wax set, the GEO Expert Wax Set, which features inspiration and step-by-step ideas from August Bruguera.

August Bruguera, an internationally renowned dental technician, is not only the namesake of the new professional wax set from Renfert. Instead, the new set, which features eight different modeling and effect waxes was developed, was designed on the basis of his philosophy of waxing esthetics.

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The GEO Expert Wax Set reportedly allows the production of monolithic, diagnostic and esthetic wax-ups for single restorations and bridgework, promoting coordination between the patient, dental office and laboratory from the very beginning (while waxing up). The set’s highlight is a comprehensive manual, which demonstrates how to create monolithic, diagnostic and hyper-realistic/true-to-nature wax-ups according to the philosophy developed by August Bruguera, step-by-step, with many illustrations and texts.

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