Renfert introduces temp:ex cleaning liquid

The new solvent enables the gentle removal of zinc oxide-based temporary cements from dental restorations.

The new cleaning liquid temp:ex by Renfert is designed to dissolve and remove temporary dental cements quickly and efficiently in the practice – without hard manual work for the dental nurse and without risk for the restoration. Zinc oxide-based cement residues and deposits, with and without eugenol, are said to be dissolved and removed within 10 minutes. If the new cleaning liquid is used in the SYMPRO needle cleaning unit by Renfert, then the restorations are cleaned and ready for insertion in twice the time.

The removal of temporary cement from prosthetic restorations by hand is often strenuous and time-consuming and not without risk. Particularly with thin-walled restorations, the sharp instrument and the pressure applied may cause damage to, perforate or even break the restoration or cause injury to the specialist at work. Following the company principle of "making work easy,“ Renfert has taken this time-consuming cleaning method and developed a simpler and more efficient solution for the practice, temp:ex, for the automatic removal of zinc oxide-based temporary cement residues.

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Practice-oriented solution

Due to its special chemical composition, the new solvent is engineered to enable the gentle removal of zinc oxide-based temporary cements from dental restorations. At the same time, this method simplifies and reduces the manual working steps in the dental practice, allowing for higher productivity with less personnel effort and lower risks. The possibility of comfortable chairside cleaning additionally improves the workflow.

The simple instructions are as follows: insert, immerse for 10 minutes, rinse and you're finished! The dental cement is said to be dissolved even faster in the SYMPRO cleaning unit. The efficient needle cleaning method with a rotating magnetic field together with temp:ex is designed to achieve clean results quickly and automatically - without great effort, saving up to 50 percent of time in comparison to the immersion method.

The new cement cleaning liquid temp:ex, which has been tested for its compatibility with dental materials, is now available in an economical 250 mL bottle with a practical dosing aid.