Quip’s eco-friendly Refillable Floss Pick designed to inspire better habits


Company looking to reinvent the flossing experience and also cut down on plastic waste problems.

quip floss pick

It’s been known for a long time that flossing is vital to one oral’s health, but that compliance is often an obstacle for most. Any method to make flossing easier can prove to be a big boost to inspire better habits and help improve oral health.

That’s what quip has in mind with the launch of its new Refillable Floss Pick. With the goal of making good oral care habits simpler, more accessible, and enjoyable for all, the new Refillable Floss Pick is designed to inspire better flossing routines and mitigate the single-use plastic waste problem plaguing the product category and broader oral care industry.

Studies have indicated most American adults agree that flossing is an essential part of oral health, yet not enough of them actually make it a daily habit. quip, which also offers a variety of electric toothbrushes, launched its Refillable Floss String in October 2019. It’s latest effort to improve flossing habits is the new Refillable Floss Pick.

The company recognized that different people prefer flossing in different ways, and that there are different ways to encourage non-flossers to start transforming their routines. This helped bring about floss picks designed to create a solution described as equal parts sleek, intuitive, and sustainable. Traditional floss picks have become a convenient, comfortable way to floss for many, but they also contribute to a vast amount of waste across the globe. With the Refillable Floss Pick, quip has completely redesigned the product category as a single 100% recyclable paper refill pod of quip’s floss replaces 180 single-use plastic picks.

The Refillable Floss Pick’s long-lasting reusable handle makes it easy to floss hard-to- reach places, and the compact dispensing case with a built-in mouth mirror makes flossing accessible and worry-free for on-the-go use. The case and handle also allow for easy, one-click restringing of fresh ADA-accepted mint-flavored floss that expands to help clean. The pick is designed as an alternative to quip’s Refillable Floss String product for people who prefer floss picks, or as a companion product for those who prefer to string at home and pick when on the go.

The Refillable Floss Pick comes pre-loaded with the first refill floss pod. It’s available in Copper, Gold, Slate, and Silver metal finishes, as well as a White plastic option, starting at $15 for the starter kit (or $10 when purchased as part of a set). Customers can sign up for a subscription refill plan, which ensures a floss refill pod replacement is delivered automatically every three months for $5 with free shipping—making sticking to habits more convenient, simple, and achievable than ever.

quip launched its Smart Brush and Smart Motorearlier this summer. The quip Smart portfolio of products is designed to remind and track your brushing routine through the quip app, guide a better brushing technique by monitoring and giving improvement tips on how you brush, and, most uniquely, allow users to earn points for maintaining a healthy two-minute, twice-daily brushing routine. Customers can redeem those points for rewards such as quip credits, exclusive discounts, sweepstakes, and gift cards from quip retail partners to stay motivated and engaged over time, helping to instill better, long-lasting brushing habits.

To learn more about quip and its products and services, visit getquip.com.

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