QuickSplint launches new website, expands product line


QuickSplint LLC has launched a new website and expanded its products to better serve dental professionals. In addition to its popular QuickSplint, an interim protective and stabilizing dental splint, the website provides a number of diagnostic aids and therapeutic tools available free of charge for dental professionals.

QuickSplint LLC recently announced that it has launched a new website and expanded its product line to better serve dental professionals. The company’s premier product, QuickSplint®, is an interim dental splint that can be fabricated quickly and easily in the dental practice. QuickSplint is the only dental splint designed specifically for short-term use.

“QuickSplint fills a need for temporary protection, stabilization, and patient comfort, in a variety of dental circumstances,” said Ann McCulloch, President of QuickSplint LLC, “Best of all, it can be provided to the patient immediately, at low cost, without waiting for lab fabrication.”

In May, the company launched a new website to better communicate the uses and benefits of QuickSplint to the growing number of dental professionals that are embracing it. The new website features expanded information for general dentists and specialists, including videos, animations, testimonials, and downloads to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of parafunctional bruxism and jaw pain.

New, and available free to dental practices, is the company’s Parafunction Risk Rating™ protocol, a universal grading system that helps treating dentists identify and chart parafunctional risk and severity. The company also introduced its new QuickSplint Healing Note Pad, a convenient way for dental practices to provide patient instructions related to the post-surgical use of QuickSplint. One of the many practical uses of QuickSplint is as a protective, stabilizing, and healing splint for patients after undergoing periodontal surgery, implant surgery, or other types of oral surgery.

“Our goal with the new QuickSplint website is to help educate dentists in the conservative diagnosis and treatment of jaw injury and parafunctional behavior so that dental patients benefit from an early path to treatment and do not progress to a chronic TMD or orofacial pain scenario,” said Bradley Eli, DMD, MS, orofacial pain expert and founder of QuickSplint.

In addition to the QuickSplint, interim dental splint, the company provides a number of diagnostic aids and therapeutic tools available free of charge for dental professionals.To learn more about QuickSplint and its many uses throughout general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, dental implant surgery, and more visit the QuickSplint website at http://www.quicksplint.com.



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