Pulpdent Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Pulpdent will celebrate its 75th anniversary in the dental industry with a new logo, a new commemorative catalog, and a focus on its proprietary Crysta MCP Technology.

Pulpdent will celebrate its 75th anniversary this year as a company in the global dental market, marking this occasion with a new logo, a new commemorative catalog, and new product advancements. Pulpdent was founded in 1947 by Dr Harold Berk, and has grown in its 75 years to employ more than 125 people. Vice president and son of Dr Harold Berk, Don Berk, says that the company has only grown in its commitment to education and patient care.

“We have concentrated on steady, sustainable growth that will ensure the long-term viability of the business,” Don Berk said in a press release from the company. “But even more importantly, we have held ourselves accountable to the core principles that were championed by my father, Dr Harold Berk, who never compromised patient care.”

Pulpdent has also released a commemorative catalog featuring stories and an overview of the history of the company, with a focus on never seen before images from Pulpdent’s past. Along with this new catalog, Pulpdent has also adopted a new logo. This new branding follows Pulpdent’s ongoing rebranding which began earlier in 2022.

Pulpdent has also increased focus on its proprietary innovation, Crysta MCP Technology, which was introduced earlier in January 2022. This patented, bioactive technology is said to work continuously to release and recharge calcium, fluoride, and phosphate, creating a powerful tool in the fight against restorative failure, according to the press release. Crysta is currently available in Pulpdent’s ACTIVA Presto universal lite-cure composite and Lime-Lit Enhanced cavity liner.

During this celebration, Pulpdent will affirm its original commitment to innovation and patient care, according to President Fred Berk.

“We are grateful to all who have supported us in reaching this important milestone,” Fred Berk said in the press release. “We have undertaken many long-term ventures in dental materials research. It has been gratifying to watch our R&D team strike new ground, particularly in bio-interactive materials that work with nature to benefit teeth and overall oral health. Today, these hard-won advances benefit clinicians and their patients worldwide.”