Pulpdent Awarded Patent for Restorative Technologies

This bioactive molecule that promotes remineralization and natural processes has received a patent for its use in Pulpdent’s ACTIVA Presto.

Dental research and manufacturing company Pulpdent has announced a newly patented technology available in ACTIVA Presto, the company’s universal light-cure bioactive restorative. The bioactive molecule allows for remineralization, hydroxyapatite formation, and a higher esthetic quality of restorative, according to a press release from Pulpdent. The methacrylate-functionalized calcium phosphate (MCP) can be placed in a dental restorative material to then transfer calcium, phosphate, and fluoride from saliva to tooth. This is said to create a scaffold for mineral precipitation, apatite formation, and biomineralization, according to Pulpdent Vice President Don Berk.

“The advent of Pulpdent’s two MCP patents represents the culmination of decades of research by our science team,” Don Berk said in the press release. “The behavior of the MCP molecule was discovered in an effort to push dentistry to a new era of restorative possibilities—one characterized by materials that actively promote tooth health while also meeting the esthetic demands of smile-zone dentistry. By introducing MCP to the marketplace and to dental professionals across the world, we’ve taken an incredible leap to fulfill our mission of fundamentally improving dental care.”

The MCP molecule, known as Crysta, will be available in ACTIVA Presto. Acting as the company’s universal light-cure bioactive restorative, ACTIVA Presto is said to promote the health of restored teeth while meeting esthetic standards in the industry. Crysta, which has been developed over the course of 6 years, is designed to be durable, esthetic, and suitable for use in the anterior and posterior. It can be used with ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE, also from Pulpdent, together to protect against secondary caries. These bioactive dental materials stimulate natural processes to protect against caries, according to Pulpdent President Fred Berk.

“We realized that active dental materials were the future and began investing heavily in bioactive dental research more than 20 years ago,” Fred Berk said in the press release. “It has taken many breakthroughs to achieve a light-cure material with bioactive properties that works exactly the way dentists expect. A great many hurdles have been unequivocally overcome with the advent of Crysta and ACTIVA Presto, which solve the challenges that have impeded bioactive restorative materials from universal use in the marketplace to this point.”

The newly patented Crysta MCP technology is available now in ACTIVA Presto.