ProtectAll PPE introduces new washable isolation gown

The new gowns are designed to be water-resistant and reusable.

ProtectAll PPE has introduced its new washable, water-resistant isolation gowns. Designed by a dentist, these isolation gowns are said to provide effective cost savings for practices by eliminating the need to reorder gowns.

Designed with a water-resistant material, the gowns are fabricated to protect against pathogens. When worn with ProtectAll PPE’s protective pants, it’s said to provide the body full protection similar to coveralls. Alcohol wipes can be used to sterilize heavily exposed surfaces of the gowns between patients—however, it is necessary to change gowns between patients after exposure to a high-pathogen environment. The gowns are reusable for up to 100 wears or washes. It also comes with an attached hood for more coverage.

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