Protect your patient’s esthetic investment with mouth and night guard options

Learn about the night guard and mouth guard options from Aurum Group®/Space Maintainers – Pacific Northwest™.

You’ve just spent a great deal of time and effort on a wonderful new smile for your patient.

The final result is superb. The patient is ecstatic. There’s only one challenge left. Think about what 600 pounds of grinding force per square inch (10 times the force registered during normal mastication) from a bruxing patient could do to your cosmetic dentistry. That’s enough force to crack a walnut and easily damage the smile you have taken such care in creating.

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Consider some safe, comfortable “smile insurance” with night guards and mouthguards from Space Maintainers – Pacific Northwest™! Choose from the following options, depending on the clinical situation:

Pro-Form® Night Guard

  • Indicated for patients with mild bruxing/clenching

  • Entirely constructed of soft material

  • Often used for “clenchers” where the occlusal surface must give under stress

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Dual-Flex® Splint

  • Indicated for patients with moderate to severe bruxing/clenching

  • Combines the fit and comfort of a soft splint with the wear resistance, accuracy and adjustability of a hard acrylic occlusal surface

  • Can be utilized for all splint designs (e.g., Gelb, MORA, May, Sears, Jankelson, Tanner, etc.)

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Intact “Multi-Purpose” Mouthguard

  • Offer greater protection for athletically active patients

  • The perfect choice for a wide variety of athletic activity and contact levels

  • Constructed from bonded sheets of injection-molded, cross-woven vinyl (provides extra strength and resistance to distortion)

Contact Aurum Group®/Space Maintainers – Pacific Northwest™ at 800-423-6509 for full details on any of these products.

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