ProTaper Ultimate is the Latest Endo Solution Offered by Dentsply Sirona


As a complete solution, the ProTaper Ultimate Solution comes with files, absorbent points, Conform Fit gutta-percha master cones, and is jointly launched with a next generation sealer, the AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer.

ProTaper Ultimate

Since its introduction 2 decades ago, each generation of ProTaper from Dentsply Sirona has stood for a trusted, reliable and predictable preparation method that enables excellent clinical outcomes for patients worldwide. The company now is introducing its latest endodontic system, the ProTaper Ultimate.

With advances in endodontic treatment, dentists enable patients to keep their natural teeth for many years—ideally for a lifetime. This makes it even more important to have a complete set of products that can help ensure treatment success from root canal treatment to restoration.

With ProTaper Ultimate, the company is now introducing a technologically driven fourth generation system. The treatment concept is based on 3 pillars: shaping, 3D cleaning, and filling root canal systems. The standard sequence of the shaping pillar includes 3 file types; namely, slider, shaper and finishers. These feature specific files are designed to safely prepare a full range of endodontic anatomy. Novel auxiliary files are available for larger and straighter canals and all files are available to prepare canals mechanically and/or manually.

The ProTaper Ultimate Solution offers extensive options: The cleaning pillar is focused on eliminating pulp, bacteria, debris, and breaking down products, when present. To facilitate cleaning, a highly flexible, polymer canula with a bifid apical flow channel can safely deliver irrigant deep into the apical portion of the preparation. With a fluid-filled canal, a reagent of the clinician’s choice can be exchanged into both the instrumentable and uninstrumentable portion of the root canal space, utilizing the novel SmartLite Pro EndoActivator, which will be launched in the coming months, according to Dentsply Sirona.

The SmartLite Pro platform offers 3 attachments; namely, the SmartLite Pro curing light, the transilluminator, and the EndoActivator. Finally, the obturation pillar will enable dentists to successfully fill and seal the root canal system thanks to predictable shaping and cleaning. The ProTaper Ultimate Solution also includes dedicated gutta-percha master cones based on the unique Conform Fit concept and technology. Jointly used with a Conform Fit gutta-percha master cone, the new AH Plus

Bioceramic Sealer will help ensure filling root canal systems where the sealer bonds to the cleaned dentin walls to ensure healing.

“From its inception so many years ago, our thinking has always been continuous improvement,” says Santa Barbara, California endodontist Clifford Ruddle, one of the inventors of ProTaper Ultimate. “ProTaper Ultimate has been designed to provide confidence and predictability for the clinician and patient alike. This comprehensive file system balances safety and efficiency when preparing canals that range from easy and straightforward, to large and open, or that exhibit challenging curvatures and recurvatures.”

“In endodontics, the files themselves have primarily set the agenda in the past,” explains Greg Sheehan, Vice President Global Endodontics Procedure at Dentsply Sirona. “With the ProTaper Ultimate Solution, we are now focusing more on the entire treatment process, in which all steps and details are precisely coordinated with each other. This simplifies the treatment itself, saves time and gives the user certainty that each procedural step will be implemented successfully.”

ProTaper Ultimate, Conform Fit master cones, and AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer are available beginning September 2021 in the United States and following in other countries as per local registration time.

Clinical education is paramount to empowering dental professionals to provide the best possible care to their patients, and the company’s extended program will combine product demonstrations and experiences from experts from all over the world. Dentsply Sirona World 2021, later this month in Las Vegas, offers engaging and dynamic speakers, educational sessions, networking opportunities, health and wellness sessions and educational webinars and more.

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