Productive Dentist Academy’s Alliance Partner Program Features Several Leading Dental Service Providers


Strategic partnerships aligned to provide dentists and staff with tools to enhance practice productivity and patient care.

Productive Dentist Academy’s Alliance Partner Program Features Several Leading Dental Service Providers | Image Credit: © Productive Dentist Academy

Productive Dentist Academy’s Alliance Partner Program Features Several Leading Dental Service Providers | Image Credit: © Productive Dentist Academy

Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) has announced a new Alliance Partner Program, a partnership with several innovative companies dedicated to advancing dental practice productivity and patient care.

These collaborations signify the dental practice management and coaching company’s commitment to providing dental professionals with comprehensive tools and solutions to enhance financial management, improve patient outcomes, streamline operations, and ensure overall practice growth.

"Our mission at PDA has always been to help dental practices become more productive while enhancing the quality of care they provide,” PDA Co-founder & CEO Victoria Peterson says in a press release. “By closely partnering with these forward-thinking companies, we are equipping our clients with the best tools and resources available in the industry. This is a significant step towards transforming how Investment Grade Practices™ operate and thrive.”

“Top-producing dentists rely on a team of advisors and build close relationships with industry partners,” says PDA Co-founder & host of the award-winning The Productive Dentist Podcast, Dr. Bruce B. Baird. “PDA Vice President of Partner Services Sandy Porrit has done an amazing job of aligning our core values with like-minded partners.”

The PDA Alliance Partner Program provides customized options at 3 levels of participation: Celebration level, Relationship Level, and Welcome Level. Each level is designed to help service providers and dental professionals build successful relationships through consistent exposure that spans far beyond a single live meeting or one-time marketing channel, the academy states.

“These partnerships are carefully selected to cover every aspect of a dental practice's needs, from financial management to patient care and technology optimization,” PDA Chief Communications Officer Regan Robertson adds in the press release. “We believe that by integrating these services, our clients will see significant improvements in their operations and patient satisfaction.”

This year, PDA’s Alliance Partners include:

AcceptCare elevates dental case acceptance rates up to 70 percent through an innovative fee presentation and range of payment plans that ensure patients say “Yes” to the necessary care without financial strain. Its user-friendly platform allows your dental practice to seamlessly integrate financing options into your services, enhancing your patients’ satisfaction and retention.

Dentist Advisors:
Providing commission-free, comprehensive, and personalized advice on practice finances, retirement planning, and wealth management, Dentist Advisors help dental professionals achieve their financial goals and secure their future.

Dentist Job Connect:
Dentist Job Connect is a fast-growing job connection platform that helps practice owners hire the right associates, unlocking clinical freedom and improving work-life balance. Their platform allows you to create a listing, search through resumes, and start connecting with more than 4,000 job seekers.

Five Lakes Dental Practice Solutions:
Five Lakes provides full-service credentialing for PPO plans across the country. Its MarketPlace Solutions offer all the insights dentists need, whether you are starting a new practice, growing through acquisition, merging with another business or evaluating potential new locations. Users can develop a Marketplace Analysis Solution specifically designed to help them understand market opportunities for their practice and drive insurance participation decisions.

Mango Voice:

Mango Voice is a cloud-based phone system designed for dental practices that offers exceptional customer support and seamless dental software integrations. Because Mango is cloud-based, it provides dentists flexibility by enabling access from anywhere, eliminating the need for traditional on-premises systems. Mango Voice also integrates with popular dental software to enhance practice efficiency, workflows, and allows for an improved overall patient experience.

Medix Dental IT:
Specializing in comprehensive IT services for dental practices, including network security, data backup, HIPAA compliance, and IT support, Medix Dental IT ensures practices optimize technology infrastructure, reduce downtime, and improve patient care.

Overjet AI:
Overjet AI leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize dental diagnostics and treatment planning, enhance clinical decision-making, improve patient outcomes, and streamline workflows within dental practices.

Perio Protect:
Perio Protect offers dental practices a non-invasive treatment solution for gum disease through their customized Perio Tray® system.

Professional Transition Strategies:
Professional Transition Strategies specializes in assisting clinicians with the sale, merger, or acquisition of their dental practices. Their team provides comprehensive support throughout the transition process, including practice valuations, marketing, and negotiation.

ProFi 20/20:
Providing accounting and financial advisory services tailored for dental practices, including bookkeeping, tax planning, financial reporting, and practice management consulting, ProFi 20/20 is designed to help optimize practices’ financial performance and achieve long-term success.

Support DDS:
Support DDS provides dental practices with high-quality, cost-effective outsourcing solutions for administrative and clinical support. Their services include dental billing, insurance verification, scheduling, and patient communication.

CariFree provides dental practices with innovative dental products and professional treatments, including pH-neutralizing rinses, gels, and toothpastes, designed to help patients prevent and manage dental caries and maintain a balanced oral environment.

E-Assist Dental Solutions:
By providing comprehensive dental billing and insurance claim services, E-Assist Dental Solutions helps practices streamline their operations, manage claims, improve revenue, and focus on patient care.

Financially Led (formerly Cash Flow Coach):
Financially Led — formerly Cash Flow Coach — offers personalized financial coaching and consulting services tailored to help dental professionals manage cash flow, reduce debt, and increase profitability.

Smile Advantage:
Smile Advantage is a dental membership plan that provides the tools and support necessary for practices to offer affordable, in-house dental plans to their patients, improving patient retention and revenue.

The Mint Door:
An exclusive membership for female dental practice owners, offering resources for personal and professional growth. The Mint Door offers members access to workshops, masterminds, and wellness programs designed to address the unique challenges faced by women in dentistry.

Tasty Clean:
Tasty Clean offers dental practices a convenient, all-natural cleaning spray for oral appliances, such as retainers, mouth guards, and toothbrushes, helping patients promote hygiene with safe, food-grade ingredients.

“Our goal is to provide dental practices with the tools they need to not only survive but thrive in today's competitive environment,” adds PDA’s Porritt. “These partnerships align perfectly with our vision of supporting dental professionals in delivering exceptional care while growing their businesses.”

PDA will host its 20th Productive Dentist Academy Conference, Sept. 12-14, 2024, in Texas.

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