Productive Dentist Academy Introduces Investment Grade Practices to the Dental Industry

Productive Dentist Academy has created Investment Grade Practices to instruct practice owners on creating value in their practice for a fruitful retirement.

Dental business consulting and marketing firm Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) has announced Investment Grade Practices™ (IGP™). IGP is specifically designed to instruct practice owners on how to create value in the practice so that they can retire without sacrificing their lifestyle, according to a press release from PDA.

IGP will teach practice owners and practice employees how to optimize their earning potential, stabilize growth each year, and create a structured plan for continuous profits and career satisfaction. Co-founder and CEO of PDA, Dr Victoria Peterson, assured that IGP will be a boon for both practice owners and the dental team.

“Building an IGP requires the willingness to allow yourself to dream big, and the discipline to invest in yourself and your team in order to bring the dream to life,” Dr Peterson said in the press release. “Implementing IGP principles brings peace of mind to the practice owner, transforms the team into patient advocates, creates unparalleled patient experiences, builds great team culture and competitive compensations, prepares the practice to be sold at any time for top dollar, and creates continuity and profit after a sale.”

PDA has also announced its IGP Summit from September 22-24, 2022, in Frisco, Texas. This summit will feature a workshop of business coaches to help practice owners attending the event better plan their future in the dental business. The IGP Summit will be available to all PDA clients, while the PDA Productivity Workshop will be available for all independent dentists and their teams.

“We strategically chose to hold the PDA Productivity Workshop at the same location and time as the IGP Summit so dentists and teams can interact and experience in real-time the mindset and behaviors of the productive dentist,” said PDA Chief Strategy Officer Dr David Porritt. “If you have ever wondered why PDA dentists own some of the highest performing and deeply satisfying dental practices in the world, this is your chance to learn first-hand. As the old adage goes, ‘You are the friends you keep,’ and we believe at PDA, every independent dentist deserves to be surrounded by greatness.”

Registration for the workshop is open now.