ProductBites Episode 3

In this episode, we’ll cover Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max Prime Esthetic zirconia ceramic; a perio app that lets patients track periodontitis and communicate with their dental professionals; a new electric flosser; Imagine OPEN digital dental treatment ecosystem; Straumann’s TLX Implant System; and the ENCOMPASS Overdenture solution from Zest Dental.

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In this series, we’ll cover the last product releases from the dental industry. Everything from new clinical and hygiene products to practice management software, you’ll find it all right here every week.

In this episode, we’ll cover Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max Prime Esthetic zirconia ceramic; a perio app that lets patients track periodontitis and communicate with their dental professionals; a new electric flosser; Imagine OPEN digital dental treatment ecosystem; Straumann’s TLX Implant System; and the ENCOMPASS Overdenture solution from Zest Dental.

  • Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max Prime Esthetic zirconia ceramic
    • IPS e.max Prime Esthetic zirconia ceramic is said to combine efficiency and esthetics through its layer-free progression of shade and translucency.
    • It provides incisal areas with high levels of translucency and cervical areas with optimally coordinated levels of opacity and an 850 megapascal strength.
    • The IPS e.max Prime Esthetics is a combination of 2 zirconium oxide materials and is available in a range of 16 A-D, and 4 Bleach shades in 3 disc thicknesses (14 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm) with a Ø 98.5 mm diameter.
    • It also utilizes Gradient Technology (GT) to achieve the esthetics that is said to make this ceramic stand out.
    • IPS e.max Prime Esthetic utilizes a filling technology to provide the material with shade and optimized translucency, and layers are no longer visible.
    • It also utilizes advanced powder conditioning to adjust sintering kinetics and ensure a uniform shrinkage behavior across both materials.
  • OraPharma’s MyPerioHealth app
    • The app is described as a patient education tool, and it provides patients with a way of understanding different stages and grades of periodontal diseases.
    • Patients who have been diagnosed with periodontitis can use the app to gain a better understanding of their disease.
    • The app complements manual staging and grading through its data collection and automated calculations using the American Academy of Periodontology guidelines. Patients can interface with dental professionals to gain insight into gum disease.
    • It can be used on a tablet or cell phone, with a web version available online.
  • Slate’s electric flosser
    • This new electric flosser features an ergonomic design to eliminate all the plaque between the teeth in order for a healthier smile.
    • Because plaque contributes to a variety of health problems including cavities, heart disease, and even dementia, it was vital for Slate’s electric flosser to be as effective as possible.
    • To achieve this, the Slate Electric Flosser utilizes its Gum Sweeps. These are strategically placed bristles and ribs that are meant to emulate the shape of the teeth and gums. The Gum Sweeps remove plaque that would otherwise be untouched by normal brushing.
    • The flosser also features a tongue scraper that can be used to clean bacteria off the tongue. It has 2 rows of rubber bristles designed to clean while still maintaining a comfortable experience.
    • Floss heads can be exchanged, cleaned, and removed as needed, touting a greener and more sustainable way to floss.
  • Imagine USA’s Imagine OPEN
    • This digital dental treatment ecosystem is designed to enable clinicians to add intraoral scanning and a digital workflow that is tailored specifically to their practice.
    • The chairside system is also designed for the unique needs of each practice while incorporating everything the practice needs for support and training.
    • OPEN is an entirely scalable solution that is built upon Align’s iTero technology. This gives practices with Imagine OPEN the ability to offer orthodontic aligners to patients and export scans to exocad’s ChairsideCAD software.
    • A full range of restorative indications and materials can be used and its CAD/CAM files can be used by anyone with an OPEN digital system. Imagine also provides access to a host of qualified labs in their OPEN network or clinicians can choose to produce restorations and appliances in-house.
  • Straumann TLX Implant System
    • The design of the new TLX Implant takes into account key biological principles of hard and soft tissue healing. It is designed to reduce the risk of inflammation and bone resorption as the implant-abutment interface is moved away from the bone.
    • The system has been designed for immediacy and as a strong solution for various indications to suit the dentist’s preferred treatment protocol–ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading.
    • The fully tapered implant is designed for primary stability combined with the predictability of a Tissue Level Implant with a narrow 3.75 implant diameter option.
    • There is no gap at bone level, and it’s designed for outstanding long-term results. Because of this, the system is an ideal choice for patients with periodontal conditions. Other features include:
      • Reduced risk of nesting bacteria
      • Optimized cleansability with the connection at the soft-tissue level
      • Preserves soft tissue attachment
  • Zest Dental’s ENCOMPASS
    • Is an all-inclusive digitally-powered overdenture treatment system, a partnership with Absolute Dental Services.
    • ENCOMPASS can reportedly reduce patient visits by 50%, while providing them with customized, high-quality overdentures.
    • Each ENCOMPASS bundle box includes an Absolute NavaGation Pilot Guide and treatment plan; 2, 4, or 6 all-in-one Zest LOCATOR Implants and Abutments with processing pack; a premium Absolute Forever Denture; CHAIRSIDE Attachment processing Material; Denture Removal Tool; CHAIRSIDE Rubber Finishing and Tapered Carbide Burs; Fixation; and a Denture ID microchip. The end result is said to be a comprehensive solution focused on precision and efficiency.
    • This cloud-based, digital workflow is designed to deliver enhanced case planning and efficiency for the clinician, streamlining the entire process to help reduce patient visits by as much as 50%, freeing up valuable chairtime.
    • The ENCOMPASS Pilot Surgical Guide further adds to this precision and consistency, allowing the clinician to maintain the correct depth and placement for optimum overdenture support and patient comfort.
    • The Lucitone 3D Carbon Printed, Absolute Forever Denture that is included in the bundle is a 3D, custom-printed overdenture that is reportedly 3-times stronger than the minimum ISO strength standard for a denture. Created on a Carbon M2 printer, each overdenture combines precision, strength, and esthetics. It is designed to give clinicians the ability to customize the tissue portion with 5 different shades of pink for a realistic outcome.
    • The precision overdentures are held in place with 2, 4, or 6 LOCATOR abutments and implants. The progressive diameter design, self-tapping tip, and RBM-treated surface allows clinicians to place Zest implants in both standard and narrow ridges.

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