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ProductBites Episode 22


This week, we cover Kancld Software, TheraBreath's Whitening Rinse, Roland DGA's DWX-53DC Dry Dental Mill, and more!


Welcome back to ProductBites! Hard to believe we’re already into September. Just a quick programming note to share with you: In case you aren’t aware, this is not DPR’s only podcast. We also have another podcast called Floss & Flip Flops with the Sanders sisters, where Katrina Sanders, RDH and her sister Elizabeth Sanders, DPM discuss the oral-systemic link and how the medical and dental professions can work together in the best interest of their patients! Make sure to turn in at the end of each month for new episodes! You find Floss and Flip Flops on any streaming platform, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher!

So let’s get on with the show!

Kancld Software

  • Kancld’s (Canceled’s) new software app is designed to automatically refill canceled appointments by texting your patients if they’d like to claim a newly open spot in the hopes of solving the issue of cancellations for dentists.
  • Kancld will work with your existing scheduling tools and practice management software to ensure ease of use and overall efficiency.
  • The Kancld platform messages patients one by one, giving each person a few minutes to respond. Using this method, Kancld has been generating a 73% rebooking rate for canceled appointments—including last-minute ones.
  • Text messages will be sent whenever no-shows become known with the goal of scheduling a patient immediately.
  • Practices can try it out at kancld.com. It only takes a few seconds to create an account. You’ll be up and running in under a minute, and the intuitive software is easy to use, according to the company.

TheraBreath's Whitening Rinse

  • Oral care product manufacturer, TheraBreath, has released its new Whitening Fresh Breath Oral Rinse.
  • The rinse is designed to fight stains in 3 different ways:
    • It attacks discoloration with solubilizers that loosen stains
    • The rinse contains natural enzymes that work with your saliva to dissolve stains
    • The rinse contains an oxidizer to whiten your teeth
  • Said to be powerful yet gentle, TheraBreath Whitening Rinse is designed to remove stains that other whitening products miss while also forming a protective barrier to prevent future discoloration.
  • It is formulated without harsh chemicals such as peroxide, which is commonly found in other whitening products and can cause tooth sensitivity and discomfort.

Roland DGA's DWX-53DC Dry Dental Mill

  • Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE has announced the launch of its new dry dental mill the DWX-53DC.
  • This new mill features an Automatic 6-Disc Changers that touts a 50% faster exchange and a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer.
  • The DWX-53DC features a new 4 mm tool, allowing for 30% faster roughing of PMMA than 3 mm tools.
  • The mill contains a camera that works with VPanel and DGSHAPE Cloud software, combining all of these features together to create a sleek, sturdy, and streamlined product, according to a press release from Roland DGA.
  • The DWX-53DC is designed with lab space in mind, making it suitable enough to fit in even limited spaces.
  • It uses a ball-screw system with 5-axis positioning, created to optimize machine performance.
  • It also features automatic machine calibration, automatic air pressure control, and a replaceable spindle.

Neoss Group’s NeoScan 1000

  • Neoss Group’s new intraoral scanner, NeoScan 1000, was displayed during the company’s Neoss Integrate 2022 event in Zurich this week.
  • This easy-to-use, accurate, compact, and lightweight intraoral scanner provides a flexible workflow with open files, making the output easy to share amongst the dental team.
  • With an easy USB cable connection and full touch-screen support, the NeoScan 1000 is easily shared between operatories.
  • There is no need for another power supply.
  • Said to simplify digital impressions, the NeoScan’s handle is ergonomically designed.
  • Weighing just 198 grams, this scanner will not cause discomfort even when held for a long period of time.
  • The scanner achieves a 16 mm by 14 mm high-definition field-of-view.
  • Its true-color images make it easier for clinicians to distinguish tooth structure and soft tissues, so that margin lines and undercut areas can be easily identified.
  • With a motion-capture feature and buttons on the handpiece, clinicians can complete the entire process of scanning, optimizing, and exporting without touching the computer.

Dentsply Sirona's SmartLite Pro EndoActivator Endodontic Activation System

  • Dentsply Sirona has introduced the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator™, an equipment solution designed for intracanal activation of irrigating fluids used for cleaning and disinfecting root canals.
  • Designed for multi-directional movement, the SmartLite Pro uses elliptical motion and increased energy to achieve effective irrigation.
  • About 35% of canal surfaces are left untouched after shaping, yet the success of endodontic procedures depends on a clean canal, according to a press release from the company.
  • With the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator, Dentsply Sirona is giving clinicians an equipment solution that is easy to use and incorporate into their current root canal procedure workflow.
  • Activating irrigants can help produce a surface with more opened dentinal tubules, allowing for better obturation of canals, the press release read.
  • Following the SmartLite Pro protocol is said to provide a 38% increased cleaning efficacy over a sodium hypochlorite soak without activation, according to Dentsply Sirona.
  • SmartLite Pro EndoActivator tips are available in 3 sizes, including a new Medium Long tip.
  • These tips are designed to be flexible and are fabricated from non-cutting medical grade plastic, which can provide no ledging, transportation, enlargement, or shaping of the canal.
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