ProductBites Episode 20


This week, we feature products and update Amann Girrbach, Owandy Radiology, and Elevate Oral Care.


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This week, we have 5 brand new dental products and services to share, so let’s get to it!

Amann Girrbach’s 4.2 Upgrade of the Ceramill Mind and Ceramill Match software

  • Amann Girrbach is offering dentists and dental technicians entirely new opportunities for the in-house fabrication of restorations—including the ability to process titanium materials, with an upgrade to the company’s Ceramill Mind and Match 4.2 software
  • With the Ceramill Mind and Ceramill Match 4.2 software, users are able to provide their customers with next-generation in-house fabrication while significantly reducing costs.
  • Now, titanium materials can be processed in-house with the Ceramill Matik, which in turn results in external cost savings of up to 40%, according to the manufacturer.
  • Another new feature is the innovative speedlining mode, which with the aid of specifically developed tools, enables users of the Ceramill Matik, Ceramill Motion 3 and Ceramill Motion 2 can "cut-grind" hard block materials at full speed.
  • Additionally, users can now plan dentures directly on the implant and complete them without an abutment.
  • The upgrade also offers numerous other CAD/CAM functions, including the AI-assisted design of bridges using the "Instant Anatomic Morphing" feature or the implementation of the Smile Creator Report in PDF format.
  • In parallel with the release of this update,  Amann Girrbach is offering users free online training.

Owandy Adds New Updates to QuickVision CBCT Software

  • Owandy Radiology Inc. has recently upgraded its QuickVision 3D Implant Planning software.
  • The software will now include Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions and an expanded dental implant library.
  • With this new AI functionality, QuickVision 3D is able to auto-match .dicom and .STL files to easily create customized surgical guides,
  • In addition, Owandy has been expanding the number of implant manufacturer libraries within the QuickVision 3D software, which now includes brandings such as Bicon, Dentsply Sirona, Nobel Biocare, and others.

Toothio Staffing Platform Designed to Match Practitioner and Practice

  • A new staffing service called Toothio aims to create permanent hiring solutions for dental practices by matching them up with vetted dental professionals.
  • Dental practices can create an office profile outlining their staffing needs, shift, and pay rate.
  • Toothio will do the rest, matching the dental practice with the right dental professional to suit their needs.
  • The platform handles payment and taxes.
  • At the end of the shift, the dental practice can rate the professional based on performance and can then add them to be considered for future shifts.

uLab Systems™ Announces uAssist™ Treatment Planning Service for Ortho

  • uLab Systems™ has announced that they will be adding a new concierge treatment planning assistance service to its uSmile™ clear aligner system and uDesign® treatment planning software.
  • This will allow orthodontists and dentists to communicate and assist in aligner treatment plans, according to the company.
  • he uAssist service allows orthodontists to review case designs, make adjustments, return them for changes, or order the final clear aligner.
  • These adjustments are made within 2 review sessions per case and are said to be returned in less than 3 days.
  • All treatment plans done through uAssist must be reviewed and approved by the treating orthodontists.

Elevate Oral Care Introduces Allday Dry Mouth Gel

  • Elevate Oral Care has expanded its moisturizing product line with the addition of Allday® Dry Mouth Gel.
  • Allday gel is designed to combat dry mouth with a patented formula that includes a mucoadhesive hydrogel, which works with xylitol to relieve dry mouth.
  • The gel is manufactured to a neutral pH of ~7.0 and is saturated with 44% xylitol.
  • Its unique hydrogel holds xylitol in the mouth for an extended period, prolonging its bacteriostatic benefits.
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