ProductBites Episode 19

This week, we cover new products from Planet DDS, Ortek Therapeutics, & Admetec.


Cloud-based dental software provider Planet DDS has announced the launch of Denticon Patient Engagement.

  • This patient communication tool is a new capability incorporated in its Denticon practice management software.
  • This tool, dental practices and organizations can automate appointment reminders, create marketing campaigns, customize patient messages, and communicate important information.
  • It's also natively built into Denticon, allowing clinicians to begin use right away.
  • This new patient communication capability is available through Denticon now.

Ortek Therapeutics, inc. will be expanding its BasicBites® product line with the addition of BasicBites SynergyPlus™ soft chew.

  • This product combines Ortek’s microbiome oral care technology with nutrients to help support tooth enamel and maintain healthy bones and immune and cardiovascular systems, according to the company.
  • The company’s patent pending formula is said to include (aar juh neen) bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, which work together to create a healthy, balanced oral pH environment that protects teeth from harm caused by dry mouth and sugary foods and drinks. Arginine is an amino acid that is said to promote the beneficial pH-raising bacteria discovered in plaque, resulting in a buffering effect on tooth surfaces that helps neutralize harmful plaque. The calcium carbonate encourages healthy tooth enamel and bones, per the company’s statement.
  • BasicBites SynergyPlus soft chews are also formulated with K2VITAL®, which the company describes as a K2 MK-7 formula designed to transport calcium into bones and teeth; and Vitamin D3, which helps the body absorb calcium into the bloodstream and maintains strong teeth and bones.

Admetec has made updates to its Orchid Series of LED Headlights for Loupes

  • 2 of the company’s LED headlights for loupes—the Orchid and Orchid F—have received an upgrade in maximum brightness from 60,000 lux to 80,000 lux.
  • Additionally, the Orchid, Orchid F and Orchid E have been redesigned for a more ergonomically correct user experience.
  • The Orchid series features trimmed-down headlights and battery packs—a rare combination of increased performance and reduced weight.
  • Additionally, the headlights’ control buttons have been repositioned to facilitate a more comfortable and natural hand positioning while using the controls.
  • The headlights will remain at the same price point despite the improvements, according to the company.