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ProductBites Episode 18


This week, we feature Philips' new flosser, Tab32's image management system, a new premium tooth from Dentsply Sirona, and much more!

DentalMonitoring's DM Intelligent Platform

  • Designed to optimize digital systems and solutions for dental practices, DentalMonitoring’s DM Intelligent Platform is an industry-first digital workflow.
  • This platform is designed to improve outcomes for patients in a way that also allows the clinicians in the dental practice to expand their digital expertise.
  • The DM Intelligent Platform has 3 main features to facilitate this optimized digital workflow: DataHub, which is a data analytics tool that monitors feedback to clinicians; Easy export of STL files from remote monitoring scans; and API/SDK Interfaces, allowing for easy integration of the DM Intelligent Platform with its digital partners.
  • Dental professionals will be able to use DentalMonitoring’s artificial intelligence technology through the DM Intelligent Platform.

Philips' Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser

  • Philips has launched its new Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser, an addition to the company’s growing line of interdental products.
  • The new flosser is designed to provide patients with a simple and effective way to remove up to 99.9% of plaque.
  • The Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser was developed for patients who need to establish a flossing habit and want to integrate an effective, consistent, and convenient interdental cleaning solution into their routine.
  • The power flosser uses Quad Stream technology, a cross-shaped nozzle that creates 4 wide streams that is said to be 150% more effective than string floss at improving gingival health and providing a thorough clean interproximally and along the gingival margin.
  • The Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser also features Pulse Wave Technology, which provides brief pauses in the cleaning pulsations to prompt patients to guide the nozzle to the next interproximal space to ensure no areas are missed.

Tab32's Image Cloud

  • Cloud technology platform, tab32, has announced the launch of its latest cloud software solution, Image Cloud.
  • Image Cloud is a plug-and-play image management platform that is accessible via desktop, smartphone, or tablet, and is compatible with all major dental sensors.
  • Images and scans can be viewed, rotated, and annotated within Image Cloud while edits can be made to make images more easy-to-understand or see for patients for case acceptance.
  • Image Cloud will also allow clinicians to view images and measure angles for treatment planning.
  • Image Cloud does not require any software or hardware changes, making it easier to integrate into the dental practice.
  • Image Cloud is designed with existing practice management software in mind, meaning dental practices and DSOs can bring it into the office without sacrificing systems they know and like.

Weave Insurance Verification

  • Weave has added Insurance Verification to its all-in-1 platform.
  • Dental offices using Weave can now streamline their insurance verification process on the all-in-one customer communication platform for small businesses.
  • Now available to all of Weave’s dental locations and customers, Weave Insurance Verification enables staff to spend more time focusing on growing the practice through high-quality patient experiences and less time focusing on the tedious back-and-forth of verifying patient insurance.
  • Insurance Verification gives dental practices up-to-date, accurate, easy-to-search information, all with a click of a button directly from within the Weave application. If insurance isn’t verified, staff can seamlessly contact patients in the same workflow to get updated insurance information via phone or two-way texting.
  • According to the company, Weave Insurance Verification verifies patient eligibility with a click of a button to shorten time spent verifying insurance by over 50% and it’s all done in the same system office staff use daily to communicate with their patients, schedule appointments, and collect digital forms.

Dentsply Sirona's Lucitone Digital IPN 3D Premium Tooth

  • Dentsply Sirona has announced its new Lucitone Digital IPN 3D Premium Tooth.
  • This stands as Dentsply Sirona’s first denture tooth material that is designed for both durability and enhanced esthetics.
  • The material is fully integrated with the Lucitone Digital Print Denture system and is validated for Carbon M-Series printers as well as Asiga PRO 4K and MAX UV.
  • This new material from Dentsply Sirona is said to use light reflection and refraction to create the kind of texture and translucency necessary for esthetically pleasing denture teeth.
  • This material is suitable for full dentures, implant-supported dentures, and partial dentures and boosts digital dental workflows.
  • Lucitone Digital IPN 3D Premium Tooth is available in 16 A-D shades and 2 bleach options.
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