ProductBites Episode 16

This week, we take a look at a new printer from Photocentric, an aligner system from Modern Dental USA, Amann Girrbach's new software subscription plan, and Zest Dental's new bulk fill composite.


Photocentric’s New Liquid Crystal Magna v.2 Printer

  • Liquid Crystal Magna v.2 is a completely re-engineered LCD screen-based printer designed to take additive manufacturing to the next level.
  • The printer is designed to deliver significantly faster print speeds, boost productivity rates and reduce waste.
  • This brand-new Magna is well suited to small-batch, on-demand or full production applications, and consistently delivers accurate end-use parts at scale at a very low cost per unit.
  • The LC Magna v.2 offers substantially increased print speeds.
    • For example, 36 Custom Dental Trays (80mm Z height) at 250μm layers can now be printed in 1 hour 13 minutes compared with 2 hours 22 minutes on the previous version of the LC Magna.
  • Its new hydrophobic platform has been designed to further boost productivity and reduce waste.
  • Each Magna is pre-calibrated to facilitate a swift installation on-site.

Modern Dental USA Introduces TrioClear 3-Step Aligner

  • Dental prosthetic device provider Modern Dental USA has announced the introduction of a 3-step aligner called the TrioClear™ aligner.
  • TrioClear is a custom-fit aligner that fits over the teeth and gums to shift teeth into the correct position. In a 3-step process, teeth are adjusted safely.
  • It is combined with TrioDim Force™ to let aligners stay in place without the necessity for attachments.
  • This 3-step aligner technology ranges from soft, medium, and hard for a gradual tooth adjustment.
  • The TrioClear aligner is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is free of Bisphenol-A.

Amann Girrbach Rolls Out New Software Subscriptions Program

  • Amann Girrbach will be offering a new service that offers more flexibility and regular program updates.
  • As part of the new Performance Plans, customers not only will have the option of buying software programs but also of renting them, according to a press release from the company.
  • The new Performance Plans represent an alternative to purchasing, and offer several benefits, such as lower entry costs, flexible selection options, and included upgrades.
  • The prices for the software plans include the license as well as any upgrades.
  • New upgrades are said to be made available on a regular basis so customers can benefit from new workflows to optimize processes,
  • The number of included software modules can be adapted flexibly to the respective requirements.
  • Additionally, customers will have the choice of different plans for hardware maintenance and repair.

Bulk EZ Plus from Zest Dental Improves on Bulk EZ Composite

  • Bulk EZ Plus is a dual-cure, bulk fill composite that builds on Bulk EZ’s enhanced esthetics and polishability with new features.
  • Bulk EZ PLUS is said to offer the same esthetics and resistance while improving handling and shade-matching with a new 80 nm spherical zirconia filler.
  • It utilizes self-cure IntelliTek Technology to control and direct shrinkage.
  • This process eliminates leakage in posterior restorations.
  • Bulk EZ PLUS is now said to be suitable for a wider range of clinical situations through its thixotropic properties.
  • It reaches a higher degree of conversion, offers better polish retention, and is stackable.