ProductBites Episode 15


This week, we introduce you to products from Align Technology, Overjet, Glidewell, OrthFX, and more!


Once again, welcome to ProductBites from Dental Products Report, the podcast that brings you the latest releases from the dental industry. I’m your host Kristin Hohman. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July holiday!

We’re going to get right to several new products!

Overjet Caries Assist

  • Overjet recently received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its AI-powered caries detection platform, Caries Assist.
  • Overjet Caries Assist is designed to allow clinicians to detect caries accurately and reduces the rate of missed lesions (false negatives).
  • To demonstrate the validity of the software, Overjet analyzed more than 7000 tooth surfaces. With the aid of Caries Assist, dentists were said to be able to detect 32% more tooth surfaces containing caries.
  • With this technology, Overjet aims to support so clinicians can be more effective and efficient by presenting them with accurate findings, identifying anatomical structures and common pathologies, and providing instant visualizations while improving patient-dentist communication.

Glidewell & Medit Intraoral scanner

  • The Intraoral Scanner combines the same technology behind the Medit i700 scanner, the In-Office solution, as well as Glidewell’s dental lab.
  • These 3 aspects merge to create an intraoral scanner that is said to offer dental practices an advanced scanning solution at an affordable price point.
  • The scanner is designed to be lightweight, with reversible tips, a detachable cable, and a UV-C LED disinfecting light.
  • Users will also receive access to Medit applications, Ortho Simulation, Model Builder, and Crown Fit among others.
  • It will be available in both wired and wireless versions, with both being offered a bundled opportunity that comes with a cart and a computer/laptop optimized for the’s technological specifications.

Oryx Dental Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Its Imaging Product

  • Oryx Dental has secured 510(k) FDA clearance for its imaging product, Oryx Imaging, now allowing the cloud-based company to directly market and sell its imaging platform directly to dental practices.
  • Oryx Cloud Imaging’s dental imaging software includes the ability to acquire, view, annotate, and organize dental radiographs and color images—integrating with most dental imaging devices, such as intraoral x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, and scanners.
  • This open integration is designed to allow clinicians a wider choice of imaging products. They can mix and match acquisition devices from a variety of manufacturers, or simply allow them to consolidate costs on its dental management software, pulling all needed components into 1 platform.
  • Oryx Cloud Imaging can be used as a standalone product that integrates into existing systems but is also designed to work with the Oryx dental practice management software.

Align Announces Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro Visualization Tool

  • Align has announced the introduction of a new smile visualization tool called the Outcome Simulator Pro.
  • This chairside software uses patient photos captured through the Invisalign Practice mobile application combined with scans taken on the iTero Element Plus series of scanners to create and simulate end results for Invisalign patients.
  • Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro works during a consultation, allowing patients to receive a full predictive image of what their potential smile will look like with continued Invisalign therapy.
  • This tool is designed to help dentist boost their efficiency during clear aligner treatment.

OrthoFX Using AI Technology to Enhance Its Aligner Therapies

  • OrthoFX has launched 2 new clear aligners,  Rescue™ and Bright Aligners™.
  • The 2 aligners are breakthrough polymer innovations that are designed to eliminate treatment breakdowns while providing instant gratification to orthodontic patients.
    • Rescue aligners work in conjunction with OrthoFX's proprietary, AI-driven remote monitoring solution—FXOnTrack™—creating a closed-loop system for the proactive detection and elimination of aligner failure.
    • When FXOnTrack reports that a case is off-track, doctors can trigger the production of a rescue aligner which is shipped directly to the patient's home. This unique aligner provides the required flexibility and consistent forces to correct up to one month of deviation from the plan with no office visits.
    • Consumers today expect instant gratification from the products they use. OrthoFX is addressing this timely need with the Bright aligner, which is designed to make teeth appear whiter and straighter from day one of wear.
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