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Welcome to the first episode of ProductBites, a new podcast from Dental Products Report. In this weekly series, we'll cover the latest product releases from the dental industry. In this episode, we’ll take a look at the new combination furnace from Ivoclar Vivadent, a new nitrous oxide nasal hood, a pocket-sized translation device that breaks down language barriers, and a sensor positioner that features an infection control barrier.

Welcome to ProductBites, a new podcast brought to you by Dental Product Report. I’m Kristin Hohman, associate editor of DPR and host of ProductBites and the ProdPod.

In this series, we’ll cover the last product releases from the dental industry. Everything from new clinical and hygiene products to practice management software, you’ll find it all right here every week.

In this episode, we’ll take a look at the new combination furnace from Ivoclar Vivadent, a new nitrous oxide nasal hood, a pocket-sized translation device that breaks down language barriers, and a sensor positioner that features an infection control barrier.

  • Ivoclar Vivadent’s new Programat CS6 Furnace
    • The new Programat CS6 combination furnace allows clinicians to crystallize and sinter restorations faster than ever before with what are described as unsurpassed esthetic results.
    • In addition to pre-installed programs for Ivoclar Vivadent materials, programs for third-party materials can easily be created independently.
    • Additional features include multiple firing options, a 10-year material guarantee, simple remakes, and a state-of-the-art crystallization tray with space for a 3-unit bridge or 4 single-tooth restorations.
    • Its compact design saves counter space in the practice.
  • Air Techniques’ Double Hood Scavenger System
    • This fully autoclavable breathing circuit is designed to provide better delivery and monitoring.
    • Its soft, single-use scented double nasal hoods offer an excellent seal and lower profiles, giving dental professionals better sightlines into the oral cavity.
    • The device’s oral exhalation valve is said to increase patient breathing comfort, while its outer hood sits closer to the patient’s face, increasing the scavenging efficiency of exhaled gases.
    • The system also features a universal fit with other double scavenging circuits, allowing practices to use the Double Nasal Hoods with their existing systems.
    • Air Technique’s Double Nasal Hoods are available in either adult or pediatric sizes with several scents, including Blueberry Dance, Strawberry Delight, and Bouncy Bubble, with more scents being added soon.
  • PocketTalk Plus
    • Being described as the first HIPAA-compliant handheld translation device, PocketTalk is designed as a resource to help patients and clinicians communicate despite language barriers.
    • The device can provide instant translation for 82 languages with a large screen that is readable from up to 6 feet away, as well as a speaker and noise-canceling microphone.
    • Pocketalk Plus provides audio feedback in the native language, and an integrated camera can translate written words. The device includes a built-in data connection, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi, and it is small enough to fit comfortably into a pocket.
    • Additionally, the Pocketalk Plus can be quickly sanitized using a standard alcohol wipe.
  • Steri-Shield’s new Wingers Integrated Barrier (IB).
    • Wingers IB is a sensor positioner with a unique sensor holder inside a comfort padded, elastic, seamless infection control barrier.
    • This is designed to reduce clinical set-up time and is said to be able to take a radiological image from approximately 60 seconds down to about 5 seconds.
    • The seamless, elastic barrier eliminates micro holes which may occur in the heat-sealed seams of plastic film sensor barriers.
    • The Wingers I.B. fits all # 2 sensor holders on the market, and each bag of 60 pieces includes a free, sterilizable aimer ring and bar.

More information on these and other products can be found online at, where you’ll also find the latest on industry news, clinical techniques, and tips & tricks for dental professionals.

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