Product Test Drive Video: Bien-Air Nova Handpiece


Dental Products Report Chief Dental Editor and Technology Editor John Flucke, DDS shares his thoughts after taking the new Nova electric handpiece from Bien-Air for a test drive. Dr Flucke says this is one product that exceeds his expectations. [5 Minutes]

Dr John Flucke holding the Bien-Air Nova highspeed handpiece


Hi, I'm Dr John Flucke. I'm technology Editor and Chief dental editor here at dental products report. And I'm a fortunate guy because I get a chance to see a lot of incredible materials and a lot of incredible devices in my role here, and some of those I actually get to take on a test drive. And today, I would like to talk to you about a test drive that I've just completed on something that I think is really profound addition to what you can use clinically with your patients.

How would you like to improve your clinical dentistry greatly and be able to do so with something that fits in the palm of your hand. And this is it. This is a brand new electric handpiece from Bien-Air. This is called the Nova and it's a very profound system.

Now there are a few things in the electric world that really separate the Nova from the competition. And the one thing that I want to talk about first is the size of this head. The Nova has the smallest head with 4-port water spray. This is tiny.

One of the drawbacks, sometimes, of electrics is because of the gears, the heads have had to be made a little bit larger. I salute Bien-Air for coming up with a solution that allows you to have a very small head on this handpiece, but still have all the advantages of electrics. The science that is in this thing is just amazing.

The other thing is from a contamination standpoint. Dentistry has come up with what's called an antiretraction valve and handpieces now have it in the systems to where you get off of the rheostat and this valve closes and it keeps that suck back, as they call it, from happening. But the Nova is the only system available in dentistry that has a sterilizable antiretraction valve because that antiretraction valve is actually built into the handpiece. In every other system, it's actually in the dental unit. With this one, it is right at the point of contact which is incredible.

The other thing that you want from a handpiece is, you want durability. This particular handpiece, the Nova has a great technology called PVD. And what that does is that extends the service life of this handpiece up to 30%. That is a phenomenal accomplishment. Also, the gears in this particular handpiece are phenomenal. The gear system is made of Cylcro gears that eliminate vibration and double the service life of the handpiece. Those gears are the same material and the same type of designs that are used in high-end racing cars and it doesn't get much better than that.

The other thing is if you look at the Nova side by side with other electric handpieces, they look a little different. And the reason for that is this is the first handpiece in dentistry that is actually constructed of stainless steel and that makes it more durable. It holds up better, it looks better throughout all the autoclave cycles.

I approach most things that I see in dentistry as a skeptic. And when I am bowled over by a product like I am with the Nova I just have this incredible need to tell people about it. If you are currently in the market to purchase an electric handpiece system, or if you're a doctor that already uses electric handpieces and you're looking to add some to your system, this needs to be on that really short list of handpieces for you to evaluate. This is called the Nova from Bien-Air. It's done a tremendous job in my test drive, and I highly, highly recommend it. I'm Dr. John Flucke. Thanks for watching.

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