Product Test Drive: EXACTTaperH DC Endodontic Files from SS White

Chief clinical editor John Flucke, DDS, shares his experience taking SS White's minimally invasive EXACTTaperH DC endodontic file system for a test drive in his practice. [3 Minutes]

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Dr. John Flucke. I'm technology editor and chief dental editor here at Dental Products Report®, and today I would like to talk to you about a procedure that I get pretty fired up about, and that's endodontics.

I love endo, I have for a long time. And I do a lot of endo, and I really do enjoy it. And what I want to talk to you about today is a new file system from SS white, the EXACTTaperH DC. And the reason I'm fired up about this is there's several things that I want to tell you about in this video. But the first one is you don't have to really change anything with this system, other than the file. So you don't have to learn any new techniques or anything else, you can just buy the files, work with them on the bench for a couple of cases, and then go live right to the patient. And it's simple and easy to integrate.

Now, one of the other things that I think is really a big plus for the EXACTTaperH DC system is that it helps you perform minimally invasive endodontics. It's a lot more conservative, and so you don't have to "Christmas tree" those canals nearly as much. So with this file system, it's minimally invasive, you don't have to remove as much of the structure to get things clean. And part of that is because these files cut incredibly well. They have amazing cutting efficiency. They're also really flexible. So you don't have to enlarge that canal to make the files go to place.

The other thing is these files are really durable. And because the durability and the flexibility and the fact that they cut efficiently, it also means that there's easier navigation of the canals as you're doing your instrumentation. They come with a variety of tapers, and in sizes. For me, minimally invasive endodontics really has a big advocate in the SS White company with the EXACTTaperH DC file system.

I think if you try it, I'm pretty sure that you're going to come away as smitten with this file system as I am. And I think you owe it to yourself and you owe it to your patients to give this file system a long look.

It's the EXACTTaperH DC files from SS White.

I'm Dr John Flucke, and for all of us here at Dental Products Report®, thank you for watching.