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Product review: LiteTouch Laser from AMD LASERS


One clinician and his assistant share their experience with the LiteTouch from AMD LASERS.

Before Dr. John Comisi invests in a new technology, he does his research to make sure it’s right for his patients and his practice. He spent years researching different Erbium-YAG lasers, but couldn’t find one with the durability he wanted or a price point that made sense-until he came across the LiteTouch from AMD LASERS at the IDS meeting in Cologne. 

When he saw it again at the New York and Chicago dental meetings, he knew he had to have it. 

What Dr. Comisi says about the LiteTouch 

It’s a great piece of equipment that we’ve added to our everyday use in the office. Now I can offer drill-free, painless dentistry. There are patients who don’t appreciate an injection of any type and the drilling and noise from handpieces makes them hesitant to get needed dental care. Having an instrument I can use without the need for anesthesia gives me the ability to provide care to those patients. Both children and adults calm down because they don’t feel the vibration or hear the noise they’ve come to expect with rotary instruments. Using equipment that calms fears and provides gentle, effective dental care is remarkable, and has been such a fantastic addition to what we do. 

When you purchase the laser it comes with a package of items and training, including installation and one day of training at a Master Training Facility where you are trained on the overall principles of laser dentistry and how to incorporate and use the LiteTouch Laser in your office. This is followed up with an in office full day of training so your staff can also become familiar with the laser and how it will be used in your office. It’s an incredible team building operation. 

The LiteTouch makes restorative dentistry easier and enhances bonded restorative procedures. There’s no micro cracking and chipping like there is with rotary instruments. It’s a very gentle way to take care of the patient. It’s also great because it destroys bacteria and can be used for perio, endo, implant uncovering-all kinds of different things in addition to hard tissue. This is a complete laser, and I’m continually looking for new ways to use it. That’s the really fun part. When I want to do something new with the laser,  I can talk with the team at AMD. I explain what I want to do and they put me in touch with someone who’s already doing it. There’s a network of dentists ready to help each other become better at what we can do with the LiteTouch, which makes this a very special company to work with, and a great product to have in the office.

It’s also a practice builder. People phone in saying ‘I understand you do laser dentistry. I’m afraid of coming to the dentist, tell me more about it.’ The staff can talk to these patients about the benefits of laser dentistry and help them understand how it works. 

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The cost also attracted me to this laser. It’s less than half the price of other Erbium-YAG lasers on the market. The return on investment is remarkable because it becomes part of your day-to-day operations. You use it because it’s available, not because you have to. It’s an important tool in my day-to-day work. 

Customer service is another important aspect for any equipment you buy. I also use the Picasso Lite, and if I ever have a problem AMD takes care of it right away. It’s the same with the LiteTouch. It includes a two year warranty with annual maintenance to ensure the laser is calibrated and working optimally.

The LiteTouch is intuitive, easy to use, compact and a great value for every practice. I can’t say enough good things about this unit. It’s been a fabulous addition to the office.

More on the LiteTouch: Inside Look: A breakthrough in all-tissue laser technology

What dental assistant Ellen Grant says about the LiteTouch

I’ve seen a lot of patients who are really sensitive and unable to get restorations done, even with anesthetic. With the laser we’re able to complete restorations with no anesthetic and patients don’t feel a thing. It’s really a life saver. When you first tell them you don’t need to be numb with a laser they’re a little apprehensive, but once you start and they realize they’re not feeling anything they’re amazed. 

For a lot of patients the worst part about dentistry is the anesthetic, so knowing they can get a restoration without getting numb or feeling anything is awesome. The patient’s fear is gone, which makes our job a lot less stressful.

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