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Product Bites – October 20, 2023


Product Bites makes sure you don't miss the next innovation for your practice. This week's Product Bites podcast features new launches from SprintRay, Formlabs, VITA North America, Kenvue AKA Listerine, and ZimVie. [6 Minutes]

 Product Bites – October 20, 2023

Product Bites Video:

Audio Only Version:


Welcome to Product Bites, a weekly podcast from Dental Products Report, providing you with a rundown of recently launched an updated dental technologies, materials, instruments and everything else you might use with patients or while running your practice.

I'm your host for this week DPR editorial director Noah Levine, and on this week's podcast, we've got a bunch of new products we'll be covering, including new launches from SprintRay, Formlabs, VITA North America, Listerine, aka Kenvue, and ZimVie. So let's not waste any time and jump right in to learn about these new innovative dental product solutions.

FDA-cleared for fixed, implant-supported denture prosthetics, OnX Tough 2 3D printing resin from SprintRay is said to provide industry leading fracture toughness without compromising esthetics. Featuring the company's proprietary NanoFusion technology that optimally suspends ceramic within the resin formulation to minimize mixing and enhance structural integrity, dentists can now utilize this material in an integrated streamlined 3d printing chairside workflow. OnX Tough 2 can be used for the production of high-quality full-arch fixed denture restorations. The workflow can produce up to 10 fixed dentures in just 30 minutes. The resin is currently available in shades bleach, A1, and A2.

A Class I FDA-registered biocompatible material, IBT Flex resin from Formlabs is a 3D printing resin designed for the production of indirect bonding trays and direct composite restoration guides, both of which require highly accurate production. With enhanced flexibility, tear resistance and translucency, this material is said to be part of an efficient and cost effective workflow for clinics or labs who need to produce highly accurate patient specific parts.

VITA North America recently announced an enhanced VITA VIONIC SOLUTIONS portfolio of denture materials. This expanded portfolio includes the VITA VIONIC Dent Disc multicolor, which is designed for the CAD/CAM production of teeth for partial and full dentures. Composed of an inorganically filled PMMA composite material, it is said to be more abrasion resistant than comparable products. The disc features a unique integrated shade gradient to produce denture teeth with lifelike shade matching and enhanced color stability.

Also part of the expanded portfolio VITA VIONIC BASE DISC HI is designed to produce impact resistant and durable denture bases. Available in three gingiva shades, the discs are suited for fabrication of both full and partial dentures, and the material is said to produce optimal fits at the alveolar ridge.

Finally from VITA North America, the VITA VIONIC Digital VIGO Denture Library can be used to digitally design and setup both partial and full dentures for either milled or printed production. The library allows users to choose from seven predefined setup concepts. Designs can be exported for fabrication of try-on, dentures, denture bases and tooth elements, or for denture design in combination with the prefabricated VITA VIONIC VIGO denture teeth.

Kenvue, the maker of Listerine has launched its Listerine Clinical Solutions mouthwash line with three distinct formulations each designed to help patients manage different oral health conditions. The antiseptic Gum Health Mouthwash includes more tartar preventing zinc chloride than other Listerine products, and promises a 64% decrease in gum bleeding within just one week compared to brushing alone. Additionally, it offers patients 4.6 times more prolonged plaque reduction above the gumline compared to dental flossing. Next, the Breath Defense Mouthwash offers 24 hour fresh breath via innovative technology that is said to neutralize and transform odor molecules. Finally, the Teeth Strength Mouthwash reinforces tooth surfaces by enhancing fluoride uptake and promoting remineralization. When used in conjunction with brushing, it's said to repair enamel immediately, helping prevent cavities and reportedly making teeth three times stronger.

Finally, ZimVie recently announced the launch of Biotivity A/C Plus Membrane. The membrane is designed for site coverage and protection against the oral environment. It contains a rich blend of growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, and hyaluronic acid to facilitate optimal wound healing. Derived from human placental tissue, the Biotivity A/C Plus Membrane boasts a growth factor charged composition. This biomaterial undergoes minimal manipulation using proprietary processing techniques. These methods are said to preserve natural mechanical properties, elasticities, and a host of biological enhancers, including growth factors and cytokines. The product sterilization is ensured through the Excellion process and terminal sterilization with electron beam irradiation Biotivity A/C Plus Membranes are not treated with antibiotics during processing.

That wraps up this week's Product Bites from Dental Products Report. To learn more about these and every new dental product, visit dentalproductsreport.com/newdentalproducts.

I'm Noah Levine saying thanks for listening, and we'll catch you up on more new dental products next week on the next episode of Product Bites.

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