Product Bites – November 17, 2023


The weekly new products podcast from Dental Products Report is back. With a quick look at all of the newest dental product launches, Product Bites makes sure you don't miss the next innovation for your practice. This week's Product Bites podcast features new launches from Intiveo, quip, Designs for Health, and Premier Dental.

Product Bites – November 17, 2023


Welcome to Product Bites, a weekly podcast from Dental Products Report, providing you with a rundown of recently launched an updated dental technologies, materials, instruments and everything else you might use with patients or while running your practice.

I'm your host for this week DPR editorial director Noah Levine, and on this week's podcast, we've got new products to cover from quip, Premier Dental Intiveo, and Designs for Health. So let's jump right in and learn about these new dental products.

First up Intiveo introduces Global Insights, an advanced analytics solution tailored for dental service organizations and multilocation group practices. This cutting edge practice management software seamlessly integrates with existing Intiveo subscriptions, offering comprehensive performance analytics and actionable insights via a HIPAA compliant platform. With global access, unified data aggregation and a user friendly dashboard, Global Insights is designed to empower DSOs to optimize operations and enhance the patient experience.

ProFlare articulating disposable prophy angles from Premier Dental bring innovation to dental polishing. Featuring a latex-free articulating cup with a unique pivot and flare design, these angles effortlessly adapt to tooth contours, reducing clinician wrist motion, and improving ergonomics. The design ensures efficient stain removal, and the compact head and neck enhance visibility. ProFlare angles, packaged in sets of 125, are designed to pair seamlessly with Premier Dental's EnamelPro prophy paste and AeroPro cordless prophy handpiece for an efficient prophy protocol

Designs for Health recently introduced PerioBiotic Silver, a fluoride-free probiotic toothpaste with a unique formula that includes Kalident, nano-hydroxyapatite, purified silver, COQ10 grapeseed extract, and Dental-Lac Dental-Lac is a strain of lactobacillus paracasei promotes a balanced oral microbiome. The toothpaste is formulated to support enamel strength, tooth brightness, and overall oral health. It does not contain sulfates, but does feature coco betaine for a gentle cleanse, making it suitable for patients with sensitive teeth.

Home oral care company quip recently launched a trio of custom dental care solutions in the form of custom nightguards, sportscards, and whitening kits. The goal is to bring professional-grade oral care right into patients homes. With all three products, patients begin taking impressions at home, mail them to quip and receive a personalized comfortable guard or whitening kit. quip night guards are designed to address teeth grinding and feature two lining options. Sports guards offer essential protection against sports related injuries. The whitening kit with two treatment options guarantees up to 63% teeth whitening after a 14-day treatment. Each custom care kit includes FDA-approved BPA-free and latex-free materials. quip covers the shipping costs for customers as well.

That does it for this week's Product Bites from Dental Products Report. Stay up to date on all the latest dental product news by visiting

I'm Noah Levine saying thanks for listening, and we'll be back next week with all the latest new dental products on Product Bites from Dental Products Report.

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