Product Bites – January 19, 2024


Product Bites makes sure you don't miss the next innovation for your practice. This week's Product Bites podcast features new launches from Adravision, Formlabs, Owandy Radiology, Henry Schein Orthodontics, Dental Creations, and Dental Blue Box. [5 Minutes]

Product Bites – January 19, 2024

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Product Bites – January 19, 2024 Podcast Transcript

Welcome to Product Bites, a weekly podcast from Dental Products Report, providing you with a rundown of recently launched and updated dental technologies, materials, instruments, and everything else you might use with patients or while running your practice.

I'm your host for this week DPR editorial director Noah Levine and on this week's podcast we've got seven new products to cover with launches from Adravision, Formlabs, Owandy Radiology, Henry Schein Orthodontics, Dental Creations, and Dental Blue Box. So, let's get to it and learn about these newly launched dental products.

First up, Adravision recently received FDA 510(k) clearance for Adravision Perio. This software as a medical device utilizes real time artificial intelligence to assist dentists and hygenists in assessing mesial and distal bone levels in radiographs. Adravision Perio not only enhances patient comprehension, but also streamlines the claims process for insurers helping reduce fraud. This innovative platform is designed to improve the interpretation of dental radiographs, ultimately empowering clinicians to provide optimal patient care.

Moving on to 3D printing, Formlabs introduces its Resin Pumping System, which is designed to expand the printing capabilities for Formlabs 3 series printers. This plug-and-play system replaces the standard 1-liter resin cartridges with a 5 liter supply, allowing the system to operate without changing resin for an extended period of time. Dental labs can benefit from a significant reduction in cost per part, and an 86% reduction in packaging waste, making it a sustainable choice for dental professionals.

Also new from Formlabs, Premium Teeth Resin is an FDA registered class II biocompatible material specifically designed for digital production of dentures and temporary implant supported restorations. The nano-ceramic filled material mimics the translucency of natural teeth and offers ideal physical properties to provide longevity and durability. With a simplified workflow and high printing accuracy, this new resin can be a valuable addition for dental practices and labs.

Next up, the latest in intraoral scanners is the Owandy-IOS from Owandy Radiology. With a goal of making high-quality intraoral scanning accessible to everyone this affordable, AI-enhanced scanner is fast, accurate, and comes in both wired and wireless options. With advanced optics and imaging technology, this scanner ensures precise and high resolution scans. It's AI-enhanced Fast Scan setting assists with soft tissue removal and overlap correction, providing dental professionals with a powerful tool to deliver the best possible care to their patients. No calibration or warmup is needed, making this a plug and play solution. Additionally, Owandy-IOS software integrates seamlessly with popular CAD/CAM systems such as exocad.

New from Henry Schein Orthodontics, the Carriere Motion Pro bite corrector is a versatile device designed for both class II and class III malocclusions. Designed to treat the anteroposterior dimension of a patient's occlusion. This device allows clinicians to achieve a class I platform within 3 to 6 months of treatment. Additionally, it features a custom designed drop in hook and reinforced cuspid pad hook among many other design elements.

Next up is Dang Good Debubblizer from Dental Creations. This non-contaminating spray works its magic on impressions and investments, reducing surface tension and ensuring smooth void- and bubble-free castings. It's designed to help provide a smoother finish, saving time for lab technicians and producing accurate castings.

Finally, Blue Box is a new compact and portable mobile dentistry platform. Weighing in at 50 pounds and featuring adjustable heights and swivel armrests, the Blue Box is ideal for remote and emergency dental care. It features a true high volume evacuation system, autoclavable components, and a self contained water and air supply system. This helps provide a clean and safe environment for both patients and practitioners, wherever an operatory happens to be set up.

And that does it for this week's Product Bites from Dental Products Report. Stay up to date on all the latest dental product news by visiting

I'm Noah Levine saying thanks for listening. And we'll be back next week with all the latest new dental products news on product bites from dental products report.

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