Product Bites – February 2, 2024


With a quick look at all of the newest dental product launches, Product Bites makes sure you don't miss the next innovation for your practice. This week's episode features 5 new products you won't want to miss. [5 minutes]

Product Bites – February 2, 2024 podcast transcript:

Welcome to Product Bites a weekly podcast from Dental Products Report providing you with a rundown of recently launched and updated dental technologies, materials, instruments, and everything else you might use with patients or while running your practice.

I’m your host for this week, DPR Editor Kellie Nock, and on this week’s podcast we’ve got 5 new products with launches from DMG, DentalSEAL Pro, Zyris, SmileFy, and Planet DDS.

So let’s get to it and learn about these newly launched dental products.

First up

DMG, the dental materials leader, has introduced their latest material––Ecosite One. This new restorative material, part of the Ecosite family, is set to enhance posterior restorations. According to a press release from the company, Ecosite One offers color stability and efficiency. With a single shade that eliminates the need for complex layering, a curing depth of 3 mm, and rapid polymerization within 10 seconds, this composite promises time-saving without compromising on esthetics. The unique "Push-and-Flow effect" ensures optimal sculptability and eliminates common issues like cracks and bubbles. Ecosite One addresses concerns such as low shrinkage stress and stain resistance, making it suitable for various applications, including Class I and II posterior fillings, Class V fillings, core build-up, extended fissure sealing, and restorations in deciduous teeth.

Now, let's shift our focus to the DentaSEAL Pro product line. This first-to-market offering from DentaSEAL Pro includes a next-generation dental sealant, instant sensitivity relief gel, and an appliance topcoat. This innovative product line directly tackles issues like biofilm, stain, and inflammation, changing how dentists and hygienists prevent oral diseases. The proprietary formula, a revolutionary self-bonding polymer, has applications inside and outside the oral cavity. It acts as a pit-and-fissure sealant, provides sensitivity relief, maintains appliance health, and combats biofilm and stain buildup. With applications for various patient groups, including those with biofilm buildup, orthodontic patients, and pediatric populations, DentaSEAL Pro is a versatile addition to any dental practice.

Our next highlight is the Zyris Retractor, the latest innovation from the creator of Isolite. Designed with the everyday challenges of dental procedures in mind, the Zyris Retractor offers stability, patient comfort, and operational efficiency. With features like extra oral fulcrum stability and improved visibility to the gingival margin, this retraction tool aims to enhance control and precision during procedures. Crafted from a semi-flexible, biodegradable BPA-free polymer, its single-use design aligns with infection control protocols while minimizing environmental impact. Quick adjustment tabs ensure easy maneuverability, making it a user-friendly tool that integrates seamlessly with existing dental instruments.

Moving on to our next innovation, Smilefy 4.0, a 3D smile design solution powered by artificial intelligence. This technology dramatically enhances both cosmetic and restorative dentistry by simplifying the treatment planning process. With Smilefy 4.0, dental professionals can effortlessly craft 3D smile designs within minutes and generate chairside 3D print-ready mockups, shells, composite veneers, and temp models. The Smile Trial feature offers visualization of the final outcome, enhancing doctor-patient communication and providing a clear blueprint for dental labs to create final restorations accurately and efficiently. By introducing AI technology through a user-friendly platform, Smilefy 4.0 aims to enhance practice efficiency, treatment outcome accuracy, and patient satisfaction globally.

Our final spotlight today is on Planet DDS's Cloud 9 Pay, a new platform developed with a focus on customer experience and security. Utilizing payment card industry (PCI) validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), Cloud 9 Pay safeguards orthodontic patient data and eases the collection of payments. This solution not only ensures patient information security but also reduces PCI compliance burdens for orthodontic practices. Offering modern payment options like tap-to-pay and contactless mobile wallets, Cloud 9 Pay integrates seamlessly with Cloud 9's suite of tools, including online scheduling, digital patient forms, and patient communication. The web-based onboarding is user-friendly, and the platform comes with a dedicated support team, providing a comprehensive payment solution for orthodontic practices.

That does it for this week's Product Bites from Dental Products Report. Stay up to date on all the latest dental product news by visiting

I'm Kellie Nock saying thanks for listening. And we'll be back next week with all the latest new dental products on Product Bites from Dental Products Report.

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