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Product Bites Episode 7


Another week means more exciting product news, including a preview of 2 products that will debut during the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting later this month.

Welcome back to another episode of Product Bites. Another week means more exciting product news, including a preview of 2 products that will debut during the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting later this month.

Premier Dental izzo Home Care System

  • Premier Dental Products Company has launched izzo, an innovative new direct-to-consumer initiative designed to elevate at-home oral care.
  • izzo is said to be the first and only 4-in-1 oral care system that goes significantly beyond just the typical toothbrush.
  • In addition to a state-of-the-art oscillating toothbrush, the kit comes with a unique polishing system designed to safely and effectively remove stains for brighter, whiter smiles.
    • The polishing system that delivers 93% better cleaning efficiency than advanced whitening toothpastes via an easily interchangeable polishing cup head that fits on the power handle (just like the brush head) plus a tube of enamel polishing paste.
  • The kit also comes with a scaler to remove debris and soft plaque from hard-to-reach areas on and between teeth, and a UVC sanitizer case designed to kill germs that can linger on a brush head between uses.
  • The system also includes An advanced power handle and oscillating brush head with 3 speeds: Ultra, Daily, and Gentle.

Desktop Health Einstein 3D printers

  • The new Einstein series of 3D printers uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology for best fit and finish, and Hyperprint™ technology to use heat and a closed-loop software upgrade.
  • The entire series includes: The Einstein, which is designed for general dentists who wish to use chairside printing, The Einstein Pro which is designed for small dental labs, and the Einstein Pro XL designed for larger dental labs.

Parkell Brush&Bond MAX

  • Built on the success of the company’s original Brush&Bond, the MAX system is a next-generation bonding agent that focuses on providing optimal performance on enamel and dentin surfaces.
  • Brush&Bond MAX is a single-bottle system that’s formulated to provide stronger adhesion and higher bond strengths, giving clinicians confidence in their ability to deliver restorations with no post-operative sensitivity.
  • Brush&Bond MAX features a simplified touch application technique, which is an alternative to the scrubbing step needed when applying many other bonding agents to the prep surface, some of which require up to 20 or 30 seconds of scrubbing.
  • With this new system, clinicians just need to dip the head of the chemically treated activator brush into the Brush&Bond MAX liquid and simply touch it to the prep surface, going back and forth to pick up more liquid until the entire prep surface is moist. Once on the surface of the tooth, the formula penetrates down to the tubules. The technique is designed to eliminate doubt about properly scrubbing the liquid into tight line angles or the bottom of a small proximal box.
  • Brush&Bond MAX is also said to treat dentin hypersensitivity and seals crown preps with a durable surface coat during temporization. Because of its low film thickness, it is imperceptible in x-rays and won’t interfere with the seating of lab fabrication restorations when used in conjunction with resin-based adhesive cements. It is also said to be compatible with all Parkell restorative composites as well as light cure, self-cure, and dual-cure methacrylate-based composites and cements currently available.

Beautifil Kids SA pediatric self-adhesive flowable composite from Shofu Dental

  • Beautifil Kids SA is a BPA-free, self-adhesive, nano-hybrid flowable restorative.
  • Features include:
    • High bond strength
    • precision placement
    • and well-blended light transmission and diffusion properties.
    • All of these combine to provide certain benefits for pediatric composite cases such as anti-bacterial effects, acid neutralization, and fluoride release and recharge.
  • Beautifil Kids SA is indicated for PRR, small Class I, and other non-load-bearing restorations.
  • It will be available in 2 shades, Primary (B1) and Permanent (A2), and will come in 2.2g syringes.
  • Shofu has announced it will launch Beautifil Kids SA on February 24 during the CDS Midwinter Meeting in Chicago.

Bien-Air Nova Electric handpiece

  • Nova is a new contra-angle engineered for practical innovation, optimal ergonomics, and extreme reliability.
  • Nova is designed to overcome the challenges of a traditional handpiece, offering more vision and improved accessibility. Highlights of the new product include:
    • Small Head Packed with Power. The Nova’s small head and slim handle enhance the dentist’s field of vision and guarantee easier access to the back of the mouth. It is the smallest head to also feature the Accu-Spray Quattro Mix system, focusing 4 asymmetrical air/water sprays on the end of the bur with laser precision to ensure optimal irrigation in the working area. Connected to 1 of Bien-Air’s LED motors, a multi-strand optical glass conductor simulates daylight conditions with reduced reflection for exceptional visibility in the working area.
    • Unparalleled Ergonomics. In addition to being optimized for balance, the Nova’s stainless steel construction makes it the lightest handpiece in the Bien-Air portfolio. Its lightweight design improves the ergonomics and reduces wrist fatigue during day-to-day work. In addition, the perfectly optimized gears, and monobloc handle reduce both vibrations and the sound level for improved user comfort.
    • Improved Reliability. The use of stainless steel is said to significantly reduce wear on the handpiece and make it 4 times more resistant to shocks. The chuck system features a new PVD coating that makes the opening/closing system more reliable and extends the service life by 30 % compared to a conventional handpiece. It also reduces the risk of jamming, allowing you to perform procedures without any interruptions. The Cylcro gears are designed to reduce friction and protect against wear.
    • Enhanced Safety for Dentist and Patient. Risks of cross contamination are reduced thanks to the non-return valve and the Sealed Head protection. The non-return valve considerably reduces the flow of fluids from the oral cavity back into the dental unit’s hoses. Alongside this, the protective Sealed Head mechanism reduces the aspiration of fluids into the instrument head. Additionally, the patented Cool Touch+ heat-arresting technology integrated in the ceramic push-button prevents the build-up of heat to reduce the risk of burns to patients.
    • The Nova handpiece is set to debut at the CDS’s MidWinter Meeting later this month.
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