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Product Bites Episode 6


Welcome back to another episode of Product Bites! In this episode, we’re going to cover new 3D printers from Carbon and Photocentric, SmileDirectClub's new whitening strips, a wireless apex locator, and a new mobile dentistry system from ASI Dental Specialties.

Welcome to Product Bites, a new podcast brought to you by dental products report. I'm Kristin Hohman, associate editor of DPR and host of Product Bites and The Prod Pod. In this series, we'll cover the latest product releases from the dental industry. Everything from new clinical and hygiene products to practice management software, you'll find it all right here every week.

Welcome back to another episode of Product Bites. I'm your host, Kristin Hohman. Thank you so much for joining us. In this episode, we're going to cover new 3D printers, whitening strips, an apex locator, and a new mobile dentistry system. So let's get to it!

SmileDirectClub announced the expansion of its whitening product line with its new Fast-Dissolving Whitening Strips. Described as fast and convenient, SDC's new whitening strips are for short-term wear—just once a day for 15 minutes. This is said to help those who suffer from sensitivity with long-wear strips. This whitening system is designed to whiten teeth by 9 shades in just 7 days when compared to traditional 30-minute strips. The Fast-Dissolving Whitening Strips are available as a 1-week or 2-week treatment for $30 and $45 respectively. They will be sold online at SDC's website and Amazon and will be launching at Walmart later this month, with other major retailers coming throughout Q1.

Next, we have Forum Tec's Wirele-X Smart Wireless Apex Locator. The Wirele-X consists of a noticeably small apex locator unit and a 7" high-resolution touchscreen display. Measurements are transmitted from the apex locator to the display unit using Bluetooth technology. It is said to be the first wireless apex locator on the market, eliminating the need for long cables.

Next is the LC Opus 3D printer from Photocentric, Inc. Inventors of LCD printing, Photocentric has released its latest 3D printer, the Light Crystal or LC Opus. It is designed to deliver highly accurate prints suitable for a range of industries and applications. It has been designed to provide reliable and repeatable performances for beginners or experienced users alike. It features a build volume of 310 by 174 by 220 millimeters; an XY resolution of 81 μm; and an incredibly fast cure speed of 2 seconds per layer at 50 μm thickness. The LC Opus also features a double-sealed vac construction with carrying handles and a pouring spout. Its motor drivers enable smooth and quiet operation, while its precision-engineered mechanical components support reliable and consistent performance. The LC Opus' simple plug-and-play setup is complemented by Photocentric's intuitive Studio software, which means that the LC Opus is suitable for both experienced and novice users. The unit includes interchangeable platforms that can be switched without the need to recalibrate; a large 7" touchscreen display; and Photocentric's patented peel-release technology, 'Vat-Lift', which ensures reliability over large surface area printing.

Next up are the M Series 3D printers from Carbon. Carbon's new Gen-3 printers, the M3 and M3 Max are designed to leverage the next generation of DLS printing technology and provide up to 2.5X throughput improvements for dental models compared to previous generations. The M3 is designed for faster printing, a simpler print experience, and improved cross-build consistency. The M3 Max offers the same benefits, as well as a true 4k light engine, enabling double the build area with the same pixel size and density. Both printers offer the same wide range of high-performance materials tailored for applications across dental and lab needs. Both units are said to offer: faster printing—thanks to better heat management the next generation of DLs printers delivers more throughput per square foot and thermally limited scenarios; simplified printer experiences: these 3-Gen printers create substantially lower forces on the part and introduce closed loop control of force and temperature, reducing failure modes and simplifying the print experience; and more consistent parts: the units reduce the variation in parts across a single build by up to 50%, translating into less variation in general accuracy, and more production repeatability in engineering resins. The M3 printer is now available for order and shipping and the M3 Max printer is available for order and is expected to ship in the second half of 2022.

ASI Dental Specialties has released its new Triton Traveler System. The new Triton Traveler System is a mobile platform featuring an internal vacuum pump and separate air compressor, 2 air handpiece connections and air water syringe, titanium saliva injector, HVE, and a water bottle. The system is designed to be easy to transport and suitable for situations such as cases in a nursing home or field conditions. The water system includes a Dentapure waterline disinfection cartridge system and maintains that it only requires a change of cartridge once per year. The compressed air system is powered by an aluminum air tank and the system as a whole is pressure switch activated. The vacuum system features an autoclavable exhaust filter as well as a suction canister that touts an auto-shutoff flow switch. The portable setup can be adjusted based on height. Indicated for a variety of dental procedures, the Triton can be used with both a single clinician or with a dental assistant. Weighing in at 113 pounds, the unit also contains sound dampening technology for a quiet work area and a boosted patient experience. The outer case of the Triton is said to be dropped-test approved, and it can be rolled like a suitcase. It is ready for use as soon as it's plugged in and is available in black, olive drab, and tan.

More information on these products and others can be found online at dentalproductsreport.com, where you'll also find the latest on industry news, clinical techniques, and tips and tricks for dental professionals. Thanks for listening to Product Bites from Dental Products Report. Please rate, review, and subscribe using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen. Are you excited about any of these new products? Leave us some feedback on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and let us know which of these products you can't wait to try. Make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter for dentistry's latest delivered right to your inbox. You can subscribe online at dentalproductsreport.com. This podcast is produced by the team at MJH. Our music is from bensound.com

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