Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator Trial Offer Extended to Dental Practices


Proclaim crafts personalized mouthpieces for each patient as part of the fully customized and automated approach to achieve a comprehensive at-home dental clean.

Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator Trial Offer Extended to Dental Practices | Image Credit: © Proclaim

Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator Trial Offer Extended to Dental Practices | Image Credit: © Proclaim

Proclaim™, a provider of customized preventative health solutions, is extending an invitation to forward-thinking dental practices to participate in the exclusive trial of their groundbreaking medical device, the Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator. This Preventative Health System is a global first, designed to deliver a fully customized and automated approach to achieve a comprehensive at-home dental clean. With the simple push of a button, the device has been clinically validated to reduce the signs of gingivitis in as little as 7 seconds a day.

Employing cutting-edge digital intraoral scanning technology, facilitated through Proclaim's network of dental partners, and advanced 3D-printing techniques, Proclaim crafts personalized mouthpieces for each patient. These mouthpieces feature up to 60 strategically positioned, pressurized jets on both the facial and lingual interproximal sites.

These jets emit pulsating water streams that penetrate between teeth and beneath the gumline, ensuring a thorough 360-degree clean with consistent and effective results every time. Unlike conventional manual solutions, this innovation empowers patients to maintain their oral health effortlessly and sustainably in the comfort of their homes, thereby promoting superior preventative care, according to Proclaim.

Steven Glassman, DDS, a renowned cosmetic dentist and advisor to celebrities, expressed his enthusiasm, stating in a press release, "This device will truly revolutionize the guidance we can give our adult patients who are struggling with varying levels of gum disease, especially for those who find it difficult to maintain a proper oral care routine at home."

Clinical trial participants who used Proclaim experienced significant reductions in plaque buildup, gingival inflammation, bleeding, and improvements in pocket depth and bleeding on probing when compared to traditional tooth brushing and flossing. After 30 days of usage, the results showcased an 82% reduction in gingival bleeding, a 41% reduction in gingival inflammation, a 23% reduction in pocket depth, and a 34% reduction in plaque accumulation. You can access the published clinical trial results here.

Jonathan Nicozisis, DMD, MS, a nationally recognized orthodontist and Invisalign expert, adds in the press release, "The Proclaim experience is life-changing for patients. It's the first oral care innovation I've seen in decades that combines cutting-edge technology with clinically proven effectiveness. And by customizing and automating the process, we're able to remove the barriers to better oral health that many of our patients face on a daily basis."

Upon purchasing Proclaim online, patients are prompted to schedule an appointment for an intraoral scan at a nearby dental partner location. This step is vital for the 3D printing of their personalized mouthpiece. Once this is completed, the mouthpiece and Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator are promptly shipped to the patient for immediate use.

For a limited time, Proclaim is extending an offer to dental professionals who wish to experience the difference firsthand. Discover more about partnering with Proclaim and sign up for the opportunity to receive an exclusive trial device at

The Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator is scheduled for shipping soon, and trial quantities are limited.

Established in 2017 in Mountain View, California, Proclaim is a leading preventative health company committed to developing innovative, technology-driven solutions that revolutionize daily oral care. The Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System is a clinically proven at-home solution that effortlessly enhances overall oral health within just 30 days.


In a 30-day randomized, examiner-blinded clinical trial, 192 adult subjects participated, with 61 subjects assigned to the control group (brushing only), 65 subjects to the brushing + floss group, and 66 subjects to the brushing + Proclaim Oral Care System group. All subjects were provided with an ADA reference soft manual toothbrush and ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste and instructed to brush twice daily according to their usual habits. Subjects in the Proclaim group visited the research site daily to use the Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator at the maximum setting (with water).

Those in the floss group were instructed to floss once daily at home. The trial assessed gingivitis at 6 sites per tooth using the Modified Gingival Index (MGI) and marginal probing bleeding via the Gingival Bleeding Index (GBI), as well as plaque measured using the Rustogi Modified Navy Plaque Index (RMNPI). Additionally, periodontal probing depth (PPD) and bleeding on probing (BOP) were measured at 6 sites per tooth. The clinical trial was conducted at Salus Research in Fort Wayne, Indiana, an ADA-qualified research site.

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