PreXion's New 3D Explorer PRO CBCT System Features Retractable Ceph Arm

This space-saving system features a cephalometric imaging solution that expands when needed and retracts when not in use.

Designed to capture precise, detailed 3D and 2D digital images, the PreXion 3D Explorer PRO CBCT imaging system is said to be the first cone beam system to feature an integrated, retractable cephalometric X-ray arm.

The unit can convert from a 2D/3D imaging system to a cephalometric imaging system in 30 seconds and can save practices approximately 2 feet of space with its retractable arm. To ensure the most detailed images possible, the system features the industry's smallest focal spot size of just 0.3 x 0.3 mm. The system offers fields of view between 5 x 5 cm and 15 x 16 cm, which makes the system suitable for a wide range of dental imaging needs.

Additionally, the system is designed to capture images as safely as possible with the lowest possible radiation dose. The 15 x 16 cm field of view is captured using what is reportedly the industry's largest flat panel detector which can capture the scan in a single pass to reduce distortion, scatter, and radiation exposure. Even in HD and endodontic CT modes, the scanner can capture an image in just 20 seconds, which is said to improve image quality while reducing radiation exposure for patients.