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Presenting the 2024 Dental Products Report Spring Selection Bracket


Meet the 16 products in the running for the title of 2024 Dental Products Report Spring Selection and see the opening round match-ups. The road to the Spring Selection starts here…

Presenting the 2024 Dental Products Report Spring Selection Bracket

Spring has officially sprung, and with March giving way to April, the madness is settling down, but that really means it's time for the 2024 Dental Products Report Spring Selection.

Just what is the Spring Selection, you ask…Why it's an annual tournament where we pit recently covered dental products against each other in head-to-head matches to win your favor. The Spring Selection is a chance to learn about different dental products while voting for the ones you like best.

In each match-up the product with the most votes will move on, and the other product will not. Each week we will announce the previous week's results and update our bracket as we move toward naming the 2024 Spring Selection.

Now in its second year, we've simplified the event by starting with 16 products instead of the 64 we included last year. The 2024 Spring Selection will run for the next 4 weeks with the winner named on May 14.

This year, the products featured in our bracket, as well as their seeds were randomly selected from among all the products covered by Dental Products Report throughout the past 12 months.

We present this tournament to provide some moments of fun while sharing information about dental innovations. How you evaluate a match-up between two random products with nothing in common, is up to you. Vote for the product you think is more innovative, more important, or whatever other criteria you want to base a vote around.

Voting begins tomorrow both here, and on the Dental Products Report Instagram page. You can vote twice in each match-up, but first continue reading to learn what products are in the tournament, where they're seeded, and who is facing who to kick things off.

Meet the Products

Upper Right Quadrant

Rodin Bond from Pac-Dent

Rodin™ Bond

"The first universal bonding agent designed for 3D printed restorations."



Tri Auto ZX2+ from J MORITA

Tri Auto ZX2+

"Endo. Optimized. Intelligent Endodontic Motor."



Urbanek TMJ Device and Protocol

Urbanek TMJ Device

"Effectively Eliminate Your Patient’s TMD Symptoms with Proven Solutions."

Urbanek TMJ Device and Protocol


CS 8200 3D Access from Carestream Dental

CS 8200 3D Access

"Access your future practice."

Carestream Dental


Upper Left Quadrant

Theracal LC from BISCO

TheraCal LC®

"Liquid Apatite at Your Fingertips."



DTX Studio Clinic AI from DEXIS

DTX Studio Clinic AI

"Operated by humans, powered by AI."



Transcend from Ultradent


"Restorations with Just One Shade."

Ultradent Products, Inc.


ProFlare Articulating Disposable Prophy Angle from Premier Dental Products Company

ProFlare™ Articulating Disposable Prophy Angle

"Articulating cup design for a superior polish."

Premier Dental


Lower Left Quadrant

3M Filtek Matrix from Solventum

3M™ Filtek™ Matrix

"Great smiles, simplified."



RevenueWell Bundles

RevenueWell Bundles

"Everything your practice needs, the choices you want."



Strata-G Sectional Matrix System from Garrison Dental


"Faster, less frustrating Class IIs."

Garrison Dental Solutions


DWX-52D Plus from Roland DGA

DWX-52D Plus

"Reliable Dental Milling Now Comes with Added Efficiency."

Roland DGA


Lower Right Quadrant

Stela from SDI


"The true amalgam alternative."



Treatment Plan Software from Adit

Adit Treatment Plan Software

"Say goodbye to complicated EHR screens and printing spreadsheets, and hello to fully customizable treatment plans."



Dentrix Detect AI from Henry Schein ONE

Dentrix Detect AI®

"Artificial Intelligence for Next-Level Patient Care."

Henry Schein One


fastprint.io from Glidewell


"Welcome to the next wave of digital dentistry."



Round 1

And finally, here is the full bracket for Round 1 of the 2024 Dental Products Report Spring Selection. Voting begins tomorrow morning both here and on the Dental Products Report Instagram page.

2024 Dental Products Report Spring Selection Bracket - Round 1

Get ready to start voting for your favorites!

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